[intro]The Guides listed here will help you to get your settings configured to suit your EKM online shop and your business.[/intro]

Shop Details

It's essential you populate your shop with these details to enable your customers to contact you. The information in the fields here will be displayed in different areas on your EKM online shop.  

Shop Meta Data

You need to complete these settings so that your shop information is displayed when your shop is found in search engine results.

Stock Control

The settings on this page ascertain what customers see if a product goes out of stock and when your shop will notify you if stock levels get below a specific level. 

Hidden Products

Where you can designate what actions should occur when a customer attempts to access a Hidden Product.


Here you need to set how much tax you charge on your Products and whether any of them are tax-exempt.

Order Restrictions

If you want to prevent orders coming in from specific countries or ensure that customers to your shop purchase specific amounts, you need to configure these settings. 

Outgoing Emails

You need this Guide to configure the emails which are automatically sent to a customer when they have placed an order on your EKM online shop. 

How to create custom Shop Emails

Here you can learn how to create and brand outgoing emails to send to your customers. 

The Cart Page

Lists the settings which govern how your customers interact with the Cart Page on your EKM online shop. 

Checkout Settings

In this Guide, you can configure the settings on the Checkout Flow to suit your EKM online shop and your target customers. 

The Orders Page

To process orders, you need to learn about the Orders Page and how it works using this Guide.

Customising your Invoices

If you want to include an invoice when you mail completed orders to your customers, it's important it matches the branding of your EKM online shop. 

Desktop Notifications

Where to go to set up a notification every time an order is placed on your EKM online shop.

Your Details

On this page, you can amend your name, address and the details you use to log into your EKM online shop account. 

Billing Details & Invoices

How to download invoices for your EKM accounts and change your payment details.



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