[intro]The Guides listed here will talk you through the steps involved to submit your EKM online shop to search engines. [/intro]

When you have constructed your EKM online shop, you need to submit its details to search engines. This can be done in a variety of different ways and is essential to begin attracting potential customers to visit and purchase your products. Whilst search engines can organically crawl new websites online and list them accordingly on results pages, this process can take anything from 6 weeks to several months. It does not guarantee that every page of your EKM online shop will be listed. Submitting your details to search engines lets them know that your domain is open for business, is an ecommerce website with a long list of products for sale and will display this information in search results.

[tips]Before you begin, it’s a good idea to open a Google/Gmail account beforehand so that all of your Google products can be linked to the same account, making things easier for management and authentication purposes. To open a free Gmail account, click here.[/tips]

Google Analytics

To begin with, you need to open a Google Analytics account. This is a free service and can be used to measure traffic and visitors to your EKM online shop. This Guide will show you how to amend the settings within your Google Analytics account to monitor data generated by your EKM online shop, and you will need to use this same account to open accounts on the other Google platforms.

Submitting your EKM online shop to Google

In this Guide, you’ll learn how to open a Google Search Console account. You need this so you can let Google know all about the different pages on your EKM online shop. You’ll also open a Google Merchant Centre account, where you will submit all of the information about each of your products using the Product Feed on your EKM online shop.

Adding your EKM online shop to Google Maps

Even if you intend to trade solely online and don’t have a physical shop, you can still add details of your EKM online shop to Google Maps. Customers will be able to leave reviews there and see roughly where you are located. 

Submitting your EKM online shop to Bing

As you have done already with Google, you need to submit the details of your EKM online shop to Bing. This is a quicker process but ensures that the Microsoft search engine knows your EKM online shop and all of your content. 



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