[intro]The Guides listed here are all about designing your EKM online shop and making it your own - from the layout to the content. [/intro]

When you’re looking at the design of your EKM online shop, the visuals are what make it unique to your brand and your business. The visuals include elements like your logo, your colour scheme and any images that you use to represent your product range. On the EKM online shop platform, these are called Design Images; they are images used to depict your brand and aid with navigation. You’ll learn more about Product Images in Step 2. 

To begin editing your EKM online shop

1. From the Dashboard, click Design:

2. Now you need to click Layout Editor:

3. This will take you to the Theme Editor, where you can begin to design and customise your EKM online shop:

The Aerial Themes are different to other Themes on the EKM online shop platform as they consist of a collection of different sections that can be added to your Homepage, Category and Product Pages to help you create a unique layout for your content. The Guides below will help you edit and customise the different areas on your EKM online shop:

How to edit your EKM online shop Homepage

Here you can learn how to edit the different sections of your Homepage to create the best impact for your customers. 

How to edit your EKM online shop Category Pages

This Guide shows you how to edit the Category pages within your EKM online shop.

How to edit your EKM online shop Product Pages

This Guide shows you how to edit the Product pages within your EKM online shop.

Uploading your Logo to your EKM online shop

If you already have a logo for your business, this Guide explains how to upload it to your EKM online shop. 

[tips]Have you added your Design Images?

Design Images are essential to a Theme to make it your own, and are generally used in different sections throughout your Theme. Depending on the kind of products you sell, you may also need to use some related generic images. If that’s the case, you can find lots of royalty-free images at Unsplash, Pexels and Pixabay.[/tips]

Using the Logo Builder on your EKM online shop

If you don't yet have a logo for your EKM online shop, the Logo Builder will allow you to create one from scratch. 

How to change the colours of your Theme

Use this Guide to change the colours of your Theme to match your company's branding. 

How to change Fonts on your EKM online shop

In this Guide, you can find out how to change the default font which is used in all of the text on your EKM online shop.

Adding, Hiding, Rearranging and Deleting Sections 

This is a quick 'crash course' for editing which sections you'd like to use. 

You can also read more in-depth about editing each different section in the Guides below:

2 PromosCategory Promo GridOur Brands
3 PromosEmbed CodeRecently Viewed Products
4 PromosHeaderSpecial Offers
5 PromosHomepage ProductsText
6 PromosImage BannerText With Image
Blog PostsNewsletterUSP 

Layout Editor Design Image Dimensions

Here you'll find a list of all of the Design Images and their dimensions which are available in the different sections of the Aerial Themes, so you can ensure that your graphics are cut to the correct sizes for the best possible results.

Have you added a Favicon?

You also need to create a .ico image file to upload and use as a Favicon, so visitors to your shop can differentiate it from any other browser tabs they may have open at the same time. If you’ve not done it yet, this Guide will take you through the steps required.



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