[intro]In this Guide, you’ll learn how to edit and customise the 2 Promos section of the Aerial Theme on your EKM online shop.[/intro]

Before you begin, it’s a good idea to prepare the images you would like to use in the 2 Promos section on your Homepage. You will need to create Design Images that measure 870px x 470px. Images with minimal detail work well here as text can be added on top. These images can be either .jpeg or.png image types and should be uploaded to Tiny Png/Tiny Jpeg (according to which file type you’ve chosen) to ensure that they have been optimised and will load quickly for visitors to your EKM online shop. 

These images will 'flex' and change shape, according to the device being used to view your EKM online shop. With this in mind, it's important that you do not include any text within the images themselves, but instead use the text fields to ensure that text can be read, regardless of the size of the browser being used to view your EKM online shop. 

1. Click the Edit symbol to open this section:

2. Click the down arrow to edit each different element:


3. In this element, you can customise how you would like the 2 Promos section to display. Begin by selecting which design you would like to apply:

Currently, you can choose from:

Design One

In this version, the Headline, Paragraph Text and Button are all displayed on top of the images. 

Design Two

For this style, the Headline, Paragraph Text and Button are displayed beneath the images. This makes the section longer but ensures that the images can be clearly seen. 

Promo 1, 2

4. Now you can configure each of the images and their text. To begin, select whether you want the Headline Text to display by clicking the switch and if so, amend the text in the field provided:

5. Scroll down a little further and you can click the square to amend the colour of the Headline Text using the Colour Picker window:

6. Below this, you need to repeat the process for the Paragraph Text and select the text alignment using the drop-down menu:

7. Now you need to configure the Button. If you wish to use the Button, ensure that the switch is turned on, and you have amended the text in the field accordingly:

8. Click the Edit symbol to set where you want the Button to link to within your EKM online shop:

9. In the menu that appears, each folder symbol represents a different area of your EKM online shop. Click the green cross symbol to expand the Categories folder and select the Category you want to link to the Button:

[remember]The Category, Product or Webpage that you want to link to sections must be visible and not hidden on your EKM online shop, otherwise, it won’t be visible in the link menu when you are creating the link. [/remember]

10. Scroll further down and you can customise the appearance of the Primary Button by clicking the squares to open the Colour Picker windows:

11. When you have edited the colours used on the Primary Button, you can click the switch to ensure the image is displayed, and then click the Select Image button:

12. In the window that appears, click the Upload Image button in the top right-hand corner:

13. In the second window, click the Select File button:

14. When you have located the image on your computer, you’ll see a preview of it in the window. Click the green Upload File button:

15. In the remaining window, click the file name and the image will be applied:

16. Now you’ve added the Background Image, scroll further down and you can amend the Background Colour, the Overlay, the Overlay colour and the Banner Colour Opacity:

[remember]If you choose Design Two when selecting the layout of the 2 Pro section, you will not need to amend the Banner Colour Opacity or Overlay Colour, as these are not used on this Layout choice. [/remember]

17. Now you have customised Promo One, your next step is to repeat these steps in the Promo Two element:

18. When you have finished editing this section, click the green Save button in the bottom left-hand corner: 



[contact] If you need our help with your EKM online shop, contact your Ecommerce Expert or the Customer Support Team, who will be able to point you in the right direction. We're open from 8am-6pm weekdays and 9am-5.30pm weekends. If you'd like to suggest a feature or an upgrade on any of the EKM platforms, please let us know on the EKM Suggestions Board. If you have a non-account specific question to ask the EKM Team, join us in EKM Community. If you need some inspiration for your EKM online shop, listen to our podcast on iTunes and Spotify.[/contact]