[intro]In this Guide, you can learn how to update the Product Tabs on the Product Pages of your EKM online shop by using spreadsheets and the Import/Export System. Before you being, you need to ensure that you have added at least one product to your EKM online shop and installed the Import/Export System and Product Tabs features. [/intro]



Before you begin, it’s a good idea to work through this Guide first where you will manually add Custom Tabs to a single Product on your EKM online shop. When this has been done, you can use this Product as a template on your spreadsheet. 

[caution]If your Product Pages are in Custom Mode, Product Tabs may not display. Please contact our Customer Support Team if this is the case and they will be able to advise further. [/caution]

1. To begin, you need to export your products to a spreadsheet by following the steps in this Guide. When you have downloaded your spreadsheet, the next step is to prepare it for Product Tabs. When you open the spreadsheet, it will look something like this:

2. Your first step is to delete the Product Variant rows and any Product rows you don’t wish to edit the Product Tabs on from your spreadsheet, leaving just the Product rows behind:

3. Now you need to amend the command in the Action column to Edit Product. To do this, click the A above the Action column to highlight it, then click Find & Select on the top right-hand side:

4. Select Replace from the drop-down menu:

5. Amend the Replace tab of the window like this, then click Replace All:

6. Close the Find & Replace window, and then scroll to the right on your spreadsheet, until you find the columns that represent your Product Tabs:

Default Product Tabs

Every Product on your EKM online shop will have the ability to display two kinds of Product tabs; default Product tabs consist of the Description - which will always remain visible - Customer Reviews and Product Attributes. You can change the order in which these appear, their visibility and their label. 

Changing the order of your Product Tabs

In this image, you can see how you would amend the order of your Default Product Tabs. In each of the rows, the number designates the order of that specific tab. For example, ‘3:True:Reviews’ indicates that Product Reviews should be the third Default Product Tab, whilst ‘2:True:Attributes’ should be the second in the series:

Changing the visibility of your Product Tabs

Looking at the same spreadsheet, ‘True’ indicates that that specific Default Product Tab should be visible. If you wanted to hide this tab for that specific Product, you would amend this to ‘False’, like this:

[remember]It is not possible to hide the Description tab - this will always be visible by default. [/remember]

Changing the labels of your Product Tabs

If you wanted to change the name of a Default Product tab, you would do this by editing the end part of the data in each row. So for example, to amend the name of the Description to ‘Info’, you would amend the rows in the Tab:Description column to read ‘4:True:Info, like this:

Custom Product Tabs

If you want to, you can add some Custom Product Tabs to your Products too. You can add up to 4 of these Custom Product Tabs to each of your Products, but be sure to limit the names of these to no more than 20 characters (including spaces) to ensure that the title of each displays on your Product Page correctly. 

19. For each Custom Tab you want to add, you'll need to add two columns. The first is 'Tab:[name of Custom Product Tab]' which gives the Custom Product Tab its name. The second is 'Tab Content:[Custom Tab Name]' which is where you list the information to be displayed on that Custom Product Tab:

[warning]When you are creating Custom Product Tabs, ensure that you have spelt everything correctly in regards to the name of the Custom Product Tab itself. This is because Custom Product Tabs cannot be deleted. If you have created a Custom Product Tab that you no longer wish to use, you will need to set the Custom Product Tab as ‘False’ in the first column, and ‘[empty]’ in the second column to hide it completely if you do not wish to use it.[/warning]

21. In this example, I’ve created a Custom Tab called ‘Discounts’ which will be visible on some of my Product Pages. I want this Custom Product Tab to display on the first two Products on the spreadsheet, but not to be visible on the third. 

In the column ‘Tab:Discounts', ‘5’ indicates the order this tab will display in relation to the Default Custom Tabs - it will be fifth in the series. As before, ‘True’ means that the Custom Product Tab will display, ‘False’ means that it will be hidden on that particular Product Page:

22. In the second column ‘Tab Content:Discounts’ I have pasted in the text I wish to display on this Custom Product Tab. In this area, you can paste in plain text or a large block of HTML. If you don’t wish to have any content displayed, simply use the command ‘[empty]’:

[caution]If your EKM online shop is in Custom Mode this may prevent any additional Product Tabs from displaying correctly. If this is the case, you may need to contact your designer or use a standard Theme on your EKM online shop instead. The Customer Support Team will be able to advise the best action to take if need be. [/caution] 

23. When you have finished editing your spreadsheet, it should look something like this:

Now you need to save it as normal and upload it back onto your EKM online shop



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