[intro]When you have completed this guide, you will have installed the Import/Export System feature, ready to edit existing Products or add completely new lines to your EKM online shop. Before you begin, you should understand how to use the EKM Edit Product window, bulk add Product Images, Product Variants, Attributes and have determined the Navigation within your EKM online shop. [/intro]



If you wish to add and edit products to your EKM online shop using spreadsheets, you need to install Import/Export System on the Features page. This feature is used to export lists of Products, Categories, lists of Product and Category Images, Customer Details and Orders onto spreadsheets. It can also be used to import data too, such as new Products and Categories and edits to existing Products.

Installing Import/Export

1. To install the Import/Export feature, log into your EKM online shop and click the Features tab:

2. Click the Import/Export System icon:

3. Click the green Install Feature button to add this feature to your EKM online shop:

Creating a template spreadsheet

When working with the Import/Export System feature, we recommend that you create a template spreadsheet first to work with. This involves exporting your Products to a spreadsheet and deleting all but one from the spreadsheet to use as an example. If you are adding completely new Products to your EKM online shop, before you create your spreadsheet, manually add a Product first using the Edit Product window, which will become your Template Product. Ensure that this Product has all of the possible fields completed, including Price, Description, Name, Product Images, Product Code, Brand and any Custom Attributes that you would like to add to all of your other new Products.

If some of your new Products have Variants, such as different colours or sizes, ensure that your template Product has the same. The same goes for Product Codes, such as GTINs, MPNs or SKUs, and any other Product Attributes too. This ensures that when you create your spreadsheet, you can use this template Product as a guide for adding details to the rest of your new Products. When you have completed this task, you need to bulk upload all of the Product Images for your other new Products to your File Manager - you can find out how to do this by clicking here. When the Product Images have been uploaded and the template Product has been created, you need to generate your spreadsheet.

[tips]Whilst it's not essential that you have used spreadsheets before to use the Import/Export System, it is worth discovering which program you will be using on your computer to open and edit your spreadsheets, and locating the Find/Replace tool. This handy bit of functionality will save you lots of time when you are editing the data on your spreadsheets! [/tips]

1. Click Export to File:

2. Then click Export Products:

3. Keep the box ticked for All Products and click Continue:

4. Leave all of the checkboxes on this page ticked and click Continue To Choose Download Type:

5. If you have less than 1000 products to edit or bulk add to your website, select a CSV file. If you have more products than this, select an XLXS file:

6. Click the link to download the template spreadsheet. You’ll then see this message:

7. Click the link provided to download your spreadsheet and then choose from the following guides:



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