[intro]Before you begin this Guide, you will need to have installed the Import/Export System and Product Attributes features on your EKM online shop, and have previously applied attributes to your products.


When you have installed the Product Attributes feature you can add many different attributes to your products. This helps your customers easily locate items and allows you to submit your Product Feed to Google Merchant Centre. 

1. Within the Product Attributes feature, there is a selection of boxes you can tick:

2. Within the Add/Edit Product window, you can then add attributes to your product. The ‘standard’ product attributes listed towards the top - Product Code, Weight, Condition and Brand - are ‘Attributes’:

3. If you scroll further down within the Edit Product window, you’ll then see any Custom Attributes that you have added:

[remember]For you to view the Custom Attributes here, you need to have ticked the box within the Product Attributes feature to allow Custom Attributes. Custom Attributes are commonly used so you can submit your product feed to Google Merchant Centre and use Product Filters within individual Categories.  [/remember]

4. To begin, you need to export the products you would like to remove the Attributes of to a spreadsheet, so you have something that looks like this:

6. You then need to delete any Product/Product Variant rows that are populated with products that you don’t want to edit. On the remaining Product/Product Variant Rows you need to add the ‘Edit’ command so that when you upload the file back to your EKM online shop, the system knows that some extra details have been added to an existing Product. Click the A column to highlight it, and then click the Find & Select icon on the top right-hand corner:

[remember]You can't add Attributes to Product Options, so delete these rows too, even if the Product and Product Variant Rows of that specific product will be edited. [/remember]. 

7. In the drop-down menu, select Replace:

8. In the window that appears, add the word ‘Product’ in the Find What field and the words ‘Edit Product’ in the Replace With field, before clicking the Replace All button:

9. This action will amend the ‘Product’ and ‘Product Variant’ rows to read ‘Edit Product’ and ‘Edit Product Variant’ accordingly. When you upload your spreadsheet onto your EKM online shop, the system will be aware that some of the data for the Products have been amended. To delete an Attribute from an existing Product, scroll along your spreadsheet on that particular product row until you find the relevant headers:

10. You then need to populate the relevant cell with ‘noattribute’:

11. When you have finished adding the noattribute command to each of the relevant cells, you need to save your spreadsheet and upload it onto your EKM online shop

[remember]You can also use ‘deleteattribute’ within the cell too, which will also remove the attribute when the spreadsheet is uploaded onto your EKM online shop. [/remember]



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