[intro]When you have completed this Guide, you will have learned how to process orders using the new Orders Section on your EKM online shop. [/intro]

[caution]Before you begin this Guide, ensure that you have installed the new Orders Section within Labs and have received at least one order to your EKM online shop. [/caution]

1. Click the order you would like to process:

2. When you have clicked into the order, you’ll see the fields populated like this:

3. When a customer fills their cart and completes the Checkout Flow, dependent on the Payment Gateways you have set up on your EKM online shop, customers can either pay using an Offline Payment Gateway (such as Bank Transfer or by Telephone, for example) or they can pay using one of the external Payment Methods (like EKMPay or Paypal Checkout).

In the case of an Offline Payment Method, it’s down to the Shop Owner to update the Order when the customer has paid. You can do that by clicking the Payment button and amending the drop-down to Paid:

4. However if the customer paid for their order using an external Payment Gateway, then the process is automatic. At the end of the Checkout Process, the customer is directed to the website of the Payment Gateway, where the secure payment process takes place. When that is complete, the customer is then redirected back to the Order Complete page of your EKM online shop and it’s that action - completing the transaction and being redirected to that page - which gives an order a green ‘Paid’ status:

[remember]Check all orders with an Awaiting Payment status - if the customer paid using a Payment Gateway where they’re directed to another site, such as Paypal, in some cases, the customer will have paid for their order but closed their browser down before they are redirected to the Order Complete page. Ensure that you have actually received the money before processing the order any further.[/remember]

5. You’ll see the Payment Failed status when a customer has attempted to pay for an order using a third-party Payment Gateway, and for whatever reason, the payment has failed:

[tips]If you have an order with a Payment Failed status and the customer themselves is unsure why this has occurred, the Customer Support Team will be able to view the Debug Log for that order which can reveal why the payment was not processed. [/tips]

However, when you’re certain that you have received payment for the order, the next step is to amend the Status. You can do this by clicking the Order Status drop-down at the top of the order, and amending it accordingly:

[tips]In the example image above, ‘Processing - item out of stock’ is a Custom Order Status. You can read about how to set these up by following the steps in this Guide. [/tips]

6. Each time you amend the status of an order to Processing, you can choose whether to email the customer to notify them of the fact in the window that opens up, which is useful for letting the customer know how their order is processing:

7. Your next step is to pick and pack the order and return to the order page to amend the Status to Dispatched when the order has been shipped. 

[tips]You can read more about Order Status emails here and how to edit them to suit your brand in the Outgoing Emails Guide.[/tips]

[caution]This new functionality is still within Labs, which means this is not the completed product but rather a ‘beta’ version. Our Development Team relies on your feedback to improve this before it is rolled out across the EKM online shop platform. If you discover any issues while using the New Orders Section, please contact the Customer Support Team in the first instance - with screenshots if possible - and let them know what you have experienced. [/caution]



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