[intro]When you have completed this Guide, you will have learned how to apply YouTube videos to the Product Image slots on your Product Pages.[/intro]

Before you begin, follow the steps in this Guide to export your products to a spreadsheet using the Import/Export System feature. 

1. When you have opened the file, you should have a spreadsheet which looks something like this:

2. The first thing you need to do to the spreadsheet is to delete any Products (and their Options and Variants) that you don’t wish to amend the Product Images on. Then you need to add the ‘Edit’ command so that when you upload the file back to your EKM online shop, the system knows that some extra details have been added to an existing Product. To do this, click the A column to highlight it, and then click the Find & Select icon on the top right-hand corner: 

3. In the drop-down menu, select Replace:

4. In the window that appears, add the word ‘Product’ in the Find What field and the words ‘Edit Product’ in the Replace With field, before clicking the Replace All button:

5. This action will amend the ‘Product’ and ‘Product Variant’ rows to read ‘Edit Product’ and ‘Edit Product Variant’ accordingly. When you upload your spreadsheet onto your EKM online shop, the system will be aware that some of the data for the Products has been amended. Your next step is to scroll along your spreadsheet until you see the Image[number] headers:

[remember]You might not see all of the Image[number] headers on your spreadsheet. This is because these correspond to the number of Product Images you have assigned to each product on your EKM online shop. For example, if each of your products only has a single Product Image, you’ll only see the Image1, Image2 and Image 3 columns. However, if each product has 5 or more product images already assigned, you will see Image[number] for each of the columns.[/remember]

6. In a separate browser tab, open YouTube and navigate to the video you would like to add to your Product Page. Click the Share button underneath the video and in the window that appears, click the blue Copy button:

7. You then need to copy the YouTube address for your video and paste it into the relevant cell for the empty Image[number] column for your product:

[remember]Image1 is the main Product Image, whilst Image2, Image3 and so on are the additional Product Images. Ideally, you need to ensure that there are no spaces when you add videos or additional images.

As an example, if you have three images already assigned to a product (so Image1, Image2 and Image3 are already populated) you need to make sure you populate Image4 with the URL for a YouTube video or an additional product image. Don’t leave any empty gaps![/remember]

8. When you have finished populating the Image[number] columns, your next step is to save your spreadsheet by clicking the symbol in the top left-hand corner:

9. Now you need to follow the steps in this Guide and upload your spreadsheet back into your EKM online shop. 

[remember]When you have uploaded your spreadsheet, you won’t immediately see the videos on the Product Pages. This is because the system needs remotely fetch a cached version of the video thumbnail from YouTube to display on the Product Page, and this is not instant. This will happen automatically within 30 minutes or so.[/remember]



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