[intro]Before you begin this Guide, you must ensure that you have installed the Product Calculators feature and manually added a Calculator to at least one Product. [/intro]

If you have many existing Products to which you would like to add Product Calculators, using spreadsheets and the Import/Export System feature is the quickest way to do it. We recommend manually creating a Product Calculator on a Product beforehand so you can use this as a guideline on your spreadsheet. 

You must export your products to a spreadsheet by following the steps in this Guide and delete any Product, Product Variant and Product Options to which you do not wish to add Product Calculators before you begin. When you have done that, select the relevant Guide below:


Paint Calculator - Single Products

Paint Calculator - Products with Variants


Wallpaper Calculator - Single Products

Wallpaper Calculator - Products with Variants


Tiles Calculator - Single Products

Tiles Calculator - Products with Variants


Flooring Calculator - Single Products

Flooring Calculator - Products with Variants


Fabric Calculator - Single Products

Fabric Calculator - Products with Variants



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