[intro]When you have completed this Guide, you’ll know how to assign Featured Products to your Homepage and how best to display them for maximum impact. [/intro]

[caution]This Guide is intended for use with the Aerial Theme. If you are using a different Theme or your EKM online shop is in Custom Mode, please click here for the correct Guide.[/caution]

As you’re adding Products to different Categories throughout your online shop, you should consider making some of your individual products Featured Products. A Featured Product is displayed on the Homepage under a prominent header (which varies according to the Theme you have applied). Featured Products are a fantastic way of highlighting products on offer and products that are new to your online shop. 

Making a product into a Featured Product does not overwrite its settings within the Category Management tab but provides an extra place to exhibit the product in a prominent place. It’s worth bearing in mind too that Featured Products are displayed on the Homepage of your EKM online shop in the order that they were created.

Creating a Featured Product

1. To make a product a Featured Product, click the Products tab:

2. Then navigate through your EKM online shop until you have located the Product you would like to make into a Featured Product. Click the Edit Content button, and then Edit on the drop-down menu to open the Add/Edit Product window:

3. Then you need to click the Attributes tab within the Add/Edit Product window:

4. Within the Attributes tab, tick the box for Special Offer and then click Save & Close in the bottom right of the Add/Edit Product window:

5. Click the Products tab to view the Homepage of your EKM online shop:

6. Check the Homepage of your online shop, you will be able to see your Featured Product displayed, under the ‘Latest Deals’ header:

[remember]You can rename the ‘Latest Deals’ header by editing the title of the Special Offers Section on your Homepage by following the steps in this Guide. [/remember]

Ideally, you need to have enough Featured Products to complete a full row so there is no negative white space generated by having just one or two products on display, so repeat the process above with some more Products until you have populated a full row (when looking at your EKM online shop via a laptop or desktop monitor):

[remember] Featured Products are displayed on the Homepage in the order that they appear in their Master Category - bear this in mind when selecting exactly which Products you want to display in that area. Ideally, one Product from each of your most popular Categories is enough to encourage visitors to click deeper into your EKM online shop. [/remember]

[tips]Don’t forget, if you have lots of Products on your EKM online shop that you’d like to make into Featured Products, you can select more than one at once within the Advanced Inventory Manager feature or use spreadsheets and the Import/Export System too. [/tips]



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