[intro]When you’re populating your EKM online shop with your Products, it’s important that your Products are correctly named to help them be more visible in search results. In this Guide, you’ll learn the best formatting for your Products. [/intro]



Whether you're planning to invest in Google Ads in the future or simply want to list your products on Google Shopping, it’s essential that you ensure your Product Names/Titles are optimised, to increase your chances of appearing within search results and increase the overall visibility of your products. 

[remember]Optimising your Product Names isn’t just for purposes of visibility within Google - people who are visually impaired rely on text like this to navigate the internet. Make things easier for them by making your Product Titles descriptive. [/remember]

Where to begin

When your products are displayed in search results, the Product Title is displayed alongside the Product Image and should be both descriptive and compelling, detailing the most relevant attributes that a customer would be looking for:

As an EKM online shop owner, you obviously need to know what your customers will type into a search engine to find your products. This will, of course, vary according to the kind of products that you sell, as people will enter different keywords depending on the item they’re looking for.

Essentially, the more succinctly you can tailor your Product Title, the more visible your Products will be within search results. When submitting your Product Feed to Google Shopping, your Product Titles are one of the attributes that Google looks at, so it’s essential that you have optimised your Product Titles from the outset. Relevant details and keywords within your Product Titles ensure that they will work well for both Google Shopping and Google Ads.

Keywords within your Product Titles

When Google reads your Product Titles, the words you use will help it define what your product is and when it should be displayed in search results - in a very similar way it does when looking at the content on your EKM online shop, like your Homepage Text, Product Descriptions and Category Descriptions. With this in mind, how you formulate the order of the words in your Product Titles is dependent on what your products are and what your customers will type in to locate them in search engine results:


Title + Author + Attributes (ISBN)

Seasonal Products

Brand + Attributes (size, description) + Type


Brand + Model Number+ Product Type + Colour

Hard Goods

Product + Attributes (size, weight, quantity) + Brand


Brand + Product Type + Attributes (weight, count)

Clothing & Footwear

Brand + Product Type + Attributes (style, colour)

If your EKM online shop sells products which don’t identify with the recommendations above, look for similar products already listed on Google Shopping and copy the formula for the Product Titles from there, replacing the details with your own. 

Google Shopping Requirements

Product Title

On the EKM online shop platform, your Product Name field is limited to 100 characters, including spaces. On Google, only around 70 characters will be displayed, so bear this in mind.

Don’t include details that are not pertinent to the Product itself

For example, you don’t need to add details such as your company’s name, price, sale prices, delivery date, shipping, sale dates or other time-related information. This is displayed in other attributes so does not need to be displayed in the Product Title.

Do not use words from foreign languages

The only exception to this is words that are well understood by everyone, such as ‘sushi’ - we all know that it’s Japanese cuisine, but otherwise, avoid foreign words that could cause confusion.

Don’t use over-excessive capitalisation

This is recognised as being commonly used in spam and in links to less-than-trustworthy websites. Only use capitalisation when it’s needed - such as for countries, phone numbers and abbreviations.



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