[intro]In this Guide, you'll learn about the kind of videos that encourage the most engagement, to help you plan for content to promote the Products on your EKM online shop using social media platforms. 


[tips]If you've not yet set up any social media to promote your EKM online shop, this Guide will be able to help you. [/tips]

Video content is on the rise and you should be making videos to promote your EKM online shop. Like the song ‘A picture paints a thousand words’, you can cram in a lot more information into a video than you can in text, and it’s a lot easier for the majority of people to digest. Unfortunately, lots of people don’t like reading, but a video just requires them to pay attention for a limited period of time. So - in a nutshell - videos are easy to watch and easy to share! 

As users, we’ve got a wide choice of places to post our content:

The four kinds of videos that provide the most engagement on social media in terms of views and comments can be applied to most - if not all - kinds of product ranges. 

1. Behind the scenes peeks

  • You’ll see this a lot on TikTok, where users create their own products and video the process;
  • If you make your own products, show your audience the skill and detail involved in the final product;
  • If you don’t make your own products, you could instead detail the packing process if your packaging is particularly fancy so customers know what to expect when they purchase from you. You’ll see this kind of video used a lot with luxury brands.

2. Stories that evoke emotion

  • You’ll see this method used a lot by charities to encourage you to donate to them;
  • In terms of your own online business, the story of how your business began could be used to evoke emotion such as triumph, pride and the sum total of hard work and experience over many years;
  • If your business has helped out a charity - particularly a local one so you can get footage of people - you could make a fantastic video that evokes emotion.

3. News/Trending topics

  • Avoid controversial or political topics where possible, but if there’s a news story trending on social media on a particular day or week, quickly create a video to comment on it;
  • Good examples include social media events such as Mother's Day, National Wine Week or Chocolate Day which can be applied to your products if there’s a similar theme;
  • Or subjects that are trending as a result of being on the telly the night before, such as The Great British Bake Off, or I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Outta Here. 

4. Tutorials

  • Tutorials are an excellent way to encourage people to like and follow your brand;
  • How-to searches for videos increase every year;
  • It’s a good chance for them to see the products in action;
  • And helps you to show off your knowledge of your own products.

Apply the following questions to your own products, and this should give you some ideas as to the kind of tutorial videos you can create for them:

  • How are your products used? 
  • What products could you use them with?
  • Do you have any ‘hacks’ for different uses for your products?
  • What do they look like when they are worn?
  • What other things could you wear with them?

Looking at your own product range, you should be able to apply at least one of these four types to each of the products you want to promote using video, and from there, plan the kind of video content you want to make on a regular basis.



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