[intro] Before you begin this guide, you need to ensure that you have installed the Social Plugins feature and that you have an existing personal Facebook account you can use to make a Facebook Page to promote your EKM online shop. You will also need to have a domain at your EKM online shop. [/intro]



Created in 2004, the Facebook platform is the biggest social media platform out there, and an excellent way of promoting your brand and products both within your physical locality and to potential new customers online. Facebook itself is very insular, so it’s important that you have some presence there to advertise yourself to users who perhaps rarely leave Facebook to venture onto other sites without seeing an online recommendation from friends and family first.

A Facebook Page is different from a personal profile; Facebook Pages have been created especially to advertise a business, company, brand, or charity; they can be followed (without a user having to put in a Friend Request) and all of their content is public. This encourages Facebook users to learn about your business, see your products and read reviews from previous customers.

Facebook users cannot see your personal profile via your Facebook Page unless of course, you want them to. Otherwise, when you invite your existing Facebook Friends to like and follow your new Facebook Page, they will get a notification but it will not show whether you are the page owner, or whether you just thought the page would be of interest to them.

How to create a Facebook Page

1. To begin, you need to click this link - your browser should automatically recognise your existing Facebook account and log you in automatically. 

2. Select Business or Brand:

3. Add in the name of your business and select a Category for it using the fields provided and click the blue Continue button:

4. You now need to upload a profile picture for your new Facebook Page. Your profile picture needs to be 170 pixels square, but bear in mind that in posts and on Facebook Ads, it will display as circular.

[tips] Don’t just upload a copy of your logo from your EKM online shop, as if this is not sized correctly can result in your logo displaying badly with parts cropped or in bad quality. 

As an example, this is the logo I’d like to use. Uploading it in its current state would result in it being cropped, like this:

Instead, I’m only going to use the glyph part of the logo - which is the microphone symbol - and upload this as my profile picture. This version is visible on desktops, tablets and mobile devices and no parts of it will be cropped. The text on my logo I can add to the relevant fields on my Facebook Page instead:


5. Click Upload A Profile Picture:

6. You will then need to upload a cover photo. This needs to be 820 pixels wide and 400 pixels tall. It’s highly recommended that you use a photo without text here because this area is responsive, and you risk text or essential information being cropped out when people view your Facebook Page on their devices. You can deal with this quite easily by cropping one of the Design Images from the Homepage of your EKM online shop to size, removing any text and using that as your Facebook page cover photo. 

Remember, any text that you wanted to add initially to that cover photo can be applied to the relevant fields on your Facebook Page, such as your EKM online shop URL, telephone number and strapline. 

[tips]Facebook recommends using .png files for profile pictures and cover photos and if you need a platform to edit your own versions, Canva and Pixlr are both free to use.[/tips]

9. Click to Upload a Cover Photo:

7. You’ll then be redirected to your new Facebook Page:

8. Your next step is to link your EKM online shop to your Facebook Page. Click the blue button on the right-hand side of your cover image:

9. This will open a window. Click Shop With You and from the drop-down options, tick the Shop now box, before clicking Next: 

10. In the second window, you then need to click Website Link:

11. In the smaller window that opens up, paste the URL of your EKM online shop into the field provided before clicking the blue Save button:

12. Now you need to click Finish:

Setting your Facebook Page Username

13. Now you need to click See More, beneath your profile image on the left-hand side:

14. Now you need to click About:

15. Under the General heading, click next to Username:

16. You then need to create a username for your Facebook Page. You need this because it makes your Facebook Page easier to find for Facebook users, and it is used to link your Facebook Page to the Social Plugins Feature on your EKM online shop.

Add your username into the field provided. Ensure that there are no spaces and that the name matches your branding on your EKM online shop. However, if the username you want is not available, add your location too. For example, instead of EvesTestShop, you would try EvesTestShopLancashire. Enter your username, check that the spelling is correct and then click the blue Create Username button:

17. You’ll then see confirmation that your username has been added to your Facebook Page. Click the blue OK button:

18. Your next step is to complete the About tab as much as possible. To do this, click each of the fields to add in your information. You will need to enter the URL of your EKM online shop, a telephone number and email address that customers can contact you on. You can leave the Impressum area blank (this is for other countries where an impressum is necessary to prove ownership), but you do need to fill in the About field. 

Our Story

19. The image for this area - like your Facebook page cover photo - needs to be a photo with no text on it, because as before, this will be cropped and display at different sizes according to the browser that’s being used. 

The ideal size is 1200 pixels wide by 672 pixels high, but this will be cropped. With that in mind, do not use any text and make sure the focal point of your picture is set to the centre-right:

20. Write a short description for your Page that summarises your brand, business and Products, detailing how you began, where you are based and what got you started - the more ‘human’ this text is, the more it will encourage potential customers to Like and Follow your Page. A lot of it could be pasted text from the About Us page of your EKM online shop. Don’t forget to double-check for spelling, grammar and punctuation in this area - use a spell checker if you can. You can use a maximum of 500 words in this area. When you have finished, click the blue Publish button:

21. On this page, you need to complete as much information as possible to flesh the page out. If you want customers to see your Personal Profile, you would click Add Yourself as a Team Member, but this is not necessary. When you have finished populating all of the About Page, it should look something like this:

Adding a Shop Tab to your Facebook Page

[caution] Before you begin this step, you need to have installed the Google Tools, Product Attributes and Classifications features on your EKM online shop and configured these correctly. All Products must have a Brand and GTIN/MPN/EAN or identifier_exists (for customer items without a universal identification number) applied to them, or they will not be accepted to be displayed on your Facebook Page Shop tab. [/caution]

1. You now need to add a Shop tab to your Facebook Page. This provides links to the products on your EKM online shop that can be easily shared on the Facebook Platform. To do this, click the Settings tab on the top right of your Facebook Page:

2. Click Templates and Tabs on the left-hand side:

3. Scroll down this page, and below the Tabs header, click the Add A Tab button:

4. Click Add Tab next to Shop, and then click the Close button on the bottom right:

5. Using the hamburger symbol (the three grey horizontal lines), drag the Shop tab to the top of the list, followed by Posts, and then About:

6. Click Page on the top left of the screen to return to Facebook Page:

7. Click Shop on the left-hand side:

8. You’ll then see this window appear. Click the blue Go To Commerce Manager button:

9. This will redirect you to this page. Tick the box for Your Website and click the blue Get Started button below:

10. Tick the box to the right of your listed Facebook page, and click the blue Next button on the bottom right-hand side:

11. Give your account a name in the field provided. I’d suggest naming it after your Facebook Page. Tick the box next to your Facebook Page below, and tick the Next button:

12. Click Next:

13. Now you need to give your Product Catalogue a name, before clicking the blue Next button:

14. This final page then reviews what you have set up. Tick the button to agree to the Merchant Terms and click the blue Create Your Shop button:

15. Click the blue Get Started button:

16. Notice on the homepage of Facebook Commerce Manager that there’s a notice at the top:

17. With this in mind, you can add products to your Facebook Page, but they may not be visible until Facebook has approved them. Click Inventory on the left-hand side:

18. Now you need to click the blue Add Product button:

19. On this page, tick the box for bulk upload and click the blue Next button in the bottom right-hand corner:

20. At this point, you need to log into the back end of your EKM online shop in a different browser tab, and click Features:

21. On the Features page, open up the Google Tools feature:

22. Scroll down to the bottom of Google Tools and copy the Product Feed URL:

23. Return to the browser tab displaying Facebook Catalogue Manager, and tick the box for Scheduled Feed before clicking the blue Next button on the right-hand side:

24. On this page, you need to paste the URL of the Product Feed from your EKM online shop into the top field, before clicking the blue Next button: 

25. On the next page, you need to tick the box for Daily and amend the time to 4am. You can do this by highlighting the hour digits and clicking up or down on the arrow keys on your keyboard. Repeat this process for the minute digits and AM/PM. Ensure that you have selected GMT+00:00, before clicking the blue Next button:

[remember] The reason we advise you to set the update time to be at 4am is that the Product Feed of your EKM online shop typically updates daily between 1am-3am. [/remember]

26. On this next page, you can amend the name of the Product Feed if you wish, before selecting the correct currency from the drop-down menu and clicking the blue Upload button:

27. You’ll then be redirected to this page, which displays the results of your first data feed. You can see the results in more detail by pressing the arrow symbol on the bottom right-hand side:

28. Click View Report:

29. In the window that appears, you’ll notice that a lot of the items on my test shop don’t have a Brand, GTIN, identifier_exists (for items which are custom and don’t have their own GTIN, MPN or EAN number):

30. If this same issue is occurring with your own Products, make sure that you have the Product Attributes feature installed, and that you have added Brand and GTIN/MPN/EAN or identifier_exists attributes to all of your Products. You can read more information about these here. When you have added these details on your Products, check your Facebook Catalogue Manager account the following day when the feed has been updated. 

[tips]When all of your Products are visible on your Facebook Page Shop Tabs, you can arrange them into collections, which can mirror the Categories on your EKM online shop, by following the steps in this Guide from Facebook.[/tips]

How to update your Page Status

Now you have added information about your company and uploaded some Products to your Shop tab, you need to write your first status. This ensures that when people arrive on your page, they can read and comment on your first status as well as view the rest of the Page content.

Creating a new status is very easy. Looking at the Page as a customer would see it, begin to type your message in the status field before clicking the blue Publish button to post it on your Facebook Page:

Suggested Status Updates

Now you have set up your Facebook Page and written your first status update, you can begin to look at the different kinds of content you can publish to your Facebook Page. You are aiming to post content that is relevant to your EKM online shop, appealing to potential customers and in an ideal world, shareable too.

Status updates with an image attached to them perform better than those that don’t so with that in mind, aim to create an image for each of your Facebook Page updates. An image on a status update should ideally be 1200 pixels wide by 630 pixels high - and ensure if you add any text to the image, don’t make it too small as when the image is added to Facebook, it will display as different sizes according to whether it’s being viewed on a mobile phone, tablet, laptop or desktop.

  • If you have a blog for your EKM online shop, post a link to your latest blog post and pin this to the top of the page until you have published your next blog post. This will help drive traffic to your blog;
  • If you are running an offer or promotion on your EKM online shop, advertise this as a status update on your Facebook Page;
  • If you are launching a new range, provide details of it with photos for your followers;
  • If you open another social media profile, such as Twitter or Instagram for example, link to it in a status update - that way customers who also have accounts on a separate platform can follow you there too;
  • If you see a news story, blog post or article that you feel your customers would be interested in, link this to a status update.

[tips]If you need some inspiration for what content you should be posting to your Facebook Page, this Guide is a really good place to start. [/tips]

How to invite people to like your Page

Now you have an idea of the kind of content to publish on your Facebook Page, you need to invite people on your existing Friends List to like your Page. To do this, view your Page on the front end as a visitor would see it and look to the right, where you should see Facebook Friends from your own personal profile listed with Invite buttons next to each. Click the See All Friends link:

This will list all of your Friends within that window. All you need to do is click the Invite button next to each one that you think would be interested in supporting you, liking your Page and buying your Products from your EKM online shop.

How to use Facebook as your Page

1. As well as inviting the people on your Friends List to like your Page, you need to encourage others to like it too. A good way to do this is to use Facebook as your Page, and have your Page Like other Facebook Pages within your locality. To do this, run a search on Facebook for your hometown, and then click Pages:

2. Click a Page from your list of results, and beneath its cover image, click the three horizontal dots. Then from the drop-down menu, select Like as your Page:

3. The owner of this Facebook Page will receive a notification that your Page has liked their Page, and this should encourage them to come and visit your Page. As always, social media is a two-way street and you should interact with other Facebook Pages as often as possible. Whilst you are working through the Facebook Pages in your locality - after you have Liked the Page as your Page - be sure to leave a comment on one of their statuses. To do this, click the down arrow next to your Profile Picture, and select the name of your Facebook Page before you post your comment:

Who to Follow

As well as following Facebook Pages in your hometown which should help your business, brand and Products gain awareness within your locality, look for Facebook Pages that relate to your industry. For example, if you sell cosmetics, follow some of the makeup brands such as Revlon, Urban Decay or Charlotte Tilbury and leave comments where you can.

It’s also worth following pages that you think your customers may be interested in. The theory behind this is that you can encourage potential customers from different Pages to come and visit your Facebook Page. For example, if you sell car parts, it may be worth following the Top Gear Facebook Page and leaving the odd comment or sharing an update from there. You can find EKM's Facebook Page by clicking here.

Monitoring your Traffic

1. As you spend more time on your Facebook Page encouraging fans and posting updates, you need to get to know the Insights tab. On here, you will be able to get feedback on how well your Facebook Page is performing. To access your Insights, from your Facebook Page, click Insights:

2. As my own example Test Shop Page has no traffic yet, I’ve used another Page I manage so I can provide you with an example of an Insights tab on a more established Facebook Page:

3. On the Insights tab, you’ll see a brief summary of the different ways the Facebook Page is measured. Each of the grey headers can be clicked so you can investigate each in greater depth. Going forwards, you need to monitor this tab regularly so you can see how well your Page is performing and use this to shape the kind of status updates and content that works the most successfully with your Fans.

Linking to the Social Plugins feature

1. Finally, to link your Facebook Page to the Social Plugins feature on your EKM online shop, you need your Page Username that you created at the beginning of this guide. It is visible on the left-hand side when you are viewing your Facebook Page:

2. Copy the Username only, and then return to the Social Plugins feature within your EKM online shop:

3. Drag the Facebook logo into the lower field, and then paste in your Facebook Page Username into the field provided. Click the Update button, and this will remove the red warning bar as your Facebook Social Plugin is now correctly configured:

[tips]If you want to manage your Facebook Page from your mobile phone, you will need to install the Pages Manager app and use this separately to the standard Facebook app. [/tips]



[contact] If you need our help with your EKM online shop, contact your Account Manager or Customer Support, who will be able to point you in the right direction. We're open from 8am-6pm weekdays and 9am-5.30pm on the weekends. If you'd like to suggest a feature or an upgrade on any of the EKM platforms, please let us know on the EKM Suggestions board. If you have a non-account specific question ask the EKM Team, join us in EKM Community.  [/contact]