[intro]In this Guide, you will learn all about Custom Mode - what it is, how it is used and how it can affect your EKM online shop. [/intro]



What is Custom Mode?

When using a Theme, your shop uses code stored on the EKM online shop platform. You can then change your Theme colours and amend editable elements on your shop to add your branding and identity while still using a layout designed and supported by the EKM online shop platform. We call this Standard Mode. 

To add third-party code or amend existing code, your shop must stop using that version of the code on the EKM online shop platform. To achieve this, it copies the code and then saves a version of it just for your EKM online shop. This allows as much customisation as necessary, but it means that if any changes are made to the standard version of the Theme on the EKM platform, your shop won’t receive any updates. 

A different way of thinking about this would be to take a screenshot of the first page of Google for a particular search term. Your screenshot will remain the same as long as you have it, but if you check the same search term in Google a few days or weeks later, the results will likely have changed.

How do I know if my EKM online shop is in Custom Mode?

1. From the Dashboard, click Design on the left-hand menu:

2. Then you need to click Theme from the list of drop-down options:

3. On the Design page, you'll see a summary of your EKM online shop and what Theme it is using. Notice that you can see the name of the Theme next to each image, except for the Checkout Flow:

4. However, if on the Design page, your Theme looks like this, some parts of your Theme have been put into Custom Mode:

In this example, some custom code has been added to the Theme and the Homepage, which are now both in Custom Mode as a result. However, the Category Pages and Product Pages are still in Standard Mode.

Why are some EKM online shops in Custom Mode?

The main reason for an EKM online shop to be in Custom Mode is via a bespoke web design, either by EKM or a Design Partner or because of design tweaks which, again, could be carried out by EKM or a third party. Of course, if you handle the design of your EKM online shop yourself, then you’ll know better than anyone why it is in Custom Mode.

Is Custom Mode a problem?

Not directly. If you know why your shop is in Custom Mode and that there is a good reason for it to stay in Custom Mode then it can do so, but a Custom Mode Theme stands on its own; it won’t benefit from any Theme updates or bug fixes.

What will my EKM online shop miss if the Theme stays in Custom Mode?

The range of EKM Themes is frequently updated to include the most recent additions to the EKM online shop platform and also automatically receives fixes if bugs or usability issues are found. The main things you might miss out on are:

  • Bug fixes - You will not receive the fixes to issues discovered and reported on your Theme automatically;
  • Theme customisations - you will lose the ability to reorder sections of your Theme on the areas in Custom Mode;
  • Platform updates - Where new functionality is added to the EKM online shop platform but updates to Themes are required, this functionality will not display;
  • New Features - When new Features are added to the EKM online shop platform they will not display automatically. Examples include the Quick Announcement and Quick View Features.

My Theme is in Custom Mode, but I don’t want it to be - what are my options?

The first step we’d recommend if you’re considering moving away from Custom Mode would be to create a fresh copy of your live shop within your Test Shop. You can then try the following steps there, safe in the knowledge that you won’t change anything within your live shop. 

  • Choose a new Theme: Applying a new Theme ensures that you’re on the latest version of the Theme selected. Even if your entire Theme was in Custom Mode, the newly selected Theme will replace it in each section. 
  • Restore your Theme: If your Theme was applied relatively recently, it is possible that you can restore your Theme back to Standard Mode. This is especially useful if you only wish to restore certain layouts. For example, you may have a known change to your Product Page which must remain, but there’s no need for your Category Page to stay in Custom Mode. 
  • Evolution Mode: If you’re not confident when dealing with the design side of things, Evolution Mode may be able to help. Depending on your plan they can review your shop, suggest a new Theme and even demonstrate to you how it will look in your Test Shop. 
  • Contact the Customer Support Team: If you’re not sure what to do next, but you’re worried about being in Custom Mode, please get in touch with our Customer Support Team (or your Account Manager, if you have one) and we’ll be able to discuss all of this with you further. 



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