[intro]In this Guide, you can learn all about bugs; what they are, how to clarify if your shop is affected by one and how they’re resolved.[/intro]

What is a bug?

Essentially, a bug is an unexpected issue in a system that causes an unexpected result, usually by behaving in a completely unexpected way. As an example, If you tried to add a product but you got a warning telling you that you could not save without adding a product name; the issue is that you’ve already added a product name, but you’re still seeing the warning and cannot continue. Bugs also commonly have a ‘ripple effect’ - where solving a single bug can reveal another one or two, which is why a ‘quick fix’ is not always possible.

What causes bugs?

Sometimes, a bug is caused by an error in the code when the original program or system was written. On other occasions, it’s caused when the code is compiled.

Are all issues bugs?

No, not necessarily. An issue officially becomes a bug once the Engineering Team has had a chance to check that the behaviour reported wasn’t intended. Some issues can occur because of bad documentation or because something is being used in a way that it wasn’t originally designed for.

Are bugs unique to EKM?

No - bugs occur wherever computers are used. Bugs can occur in computers themselves, in programs and operating systems like Windows or Mac OS.

I think a bug may be affecting my EKM online shop - what do I do?

The first thing you need to do is get in contact with our Customer Support Team and provide them with what steps you took in order for the bug to occur. This information is vital as we need it to replicate your steps and in turn, forward this information to the Development Team.

How does EKM deal with bugs?

If your issue has been identified as a bug, we will open a ticket in your name. This ticket will remain open with our Customer Support Team whilst the issue is investigated. Behind the scenes, within our Development Team, we have a dedicated Bug Squad whose sole objective it is to investigate and resolve reported bugs on the EKM platforms.

How long does it take to be resolved?

This action by the Bug Squad occurs in batches, which is why we advise that your issue may take up to three weeks to resolve. This is to allow for the initial issue to be investigated, tested and resolved before the fix is released across the platform. On rare occasions, it can take longer depending on the nature of the issue, but the majority of bugs are resolved within this period.



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