[intro]In this Guide you’ll learn all about Dormant Mode; what it is, how it is applied, and how to use it if need be. [/intro]

Although it would be fantastic if everyone launched an EKM online shop and the profits began slowly building until retirement age, sometimes life and unforeseen circumstances can get in the way of your progress. It’s for this reason that at EKM, we offer Dormant Mode, where you can effectively put your shop on hold until you are able to manage it again, without having to close your account. 

How does it work?

An EKM online shop in Dormant Mode is effectively 'on hold'. You will not be able to process orders, but will still be able to retain your EKM online shop’s design, content and inbound traffic, until such a time when you are able to manage it again. 

Can I still use my shop?

No - you will be unable to log into your EKM online shop when it is in Dormant Mode. Our Customer Care Team will be able to advise you further if you need to make copies of any information prior to Dormant Mode being applied. If you receive any orders whilst your EKM online shop is in Dormant Mode, you will need to take it out of Dormant Mode to enable you to process these orders. 

How do I take my shop out of Dormant Mode?

Contact our Customer Care Team and they will be able to take your EKM online shop out of Dormant Mode, allowing you to manage your shop as normal again. 

Can I only use Dormant Mode once?

No, you can use Dormant Mode as many times as you require. 

How much does it cost?

Regardless of what tier of service your own EKM online shop resides on, Dormant Mode costs a reduced rate of £9.99 (+VAT).

How do I apply Dormant Mode?

Contact our Customer Care Team, who will be able to apply this service for you. 



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