[intro]If your EKM online shop sells a lot of Products that customers typically buy in bulk, the Quick View feature allows customers to add Products to their carts without clicking into each Product Page. 


1. From the Dashboard, click the Features tab:

2. On the Features Page, scroll down to the Quick View icon and click it:

3. You now need to click the green Install Feature button in the bottom right-hand corner:

4. When the feature has been installed, you’ll see this page:

5. Your customers will now be able to purchase items directly from the Category Pages:

6. Hovering the cursor over a Product will display the Quick View window where the customer can add the Product to their cart without having to click onto the individual Product Pages:

7. If a customer clicks Add To Cart, this will add that Product to their Cart, however, if a customer clicks Quick View, a window will appear, summarising the details of that particular Product:

[tips]Products that are in stock and available to purchase will display the Quick View feature. Products who have had their Add To Cart button disabled will not display Quick View. If you need to review how out of stock Products and Product Variants display on your EKM online shop, you need to visit the Stock Control page within Settings.[/tips]

8. On Products with Variants display two buttons - Quick View and More Details. This is to encourage customers to click a button and select one of the Variants

9. Out of Stock Products will display like this:

[remember] Whether Products which are out of stock display or not can be adjusted within the Stock Control page of your EKM online shop. [/remember]


Why is Quick View not displaying for one particular Product?

If that one Product has it’s Add To Cart button disabled, Quick View will not display. You need to enable the Add To Cart button on that Product for Quick View to display. 

The Add To Cart button is not disabled, but Quick View still doesn’t display?

Alternatively, if the Add To Cart button is enabled, but Quick View still does not display, you need to check that the Product is both in stock, and available to buy. This depends on what you have set up on the Stock Control page within the Settings of your EKM online shop. 



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