[intro]In this Guide, you’ll learn how to amend the colours used on your EKM online shop to match your branding. [/intro]



[caution]This Guide is intended for use with the Aerial theme. If you are using a different Theme or your EKM online shop is in Custom Mode, click here for the correct Guide. [/caution]

[tips]Before you begin, it’s a good idea to populate your EKM online shop with Categories, Subcategories and Products. This way you can see how the different colours are used on different sections of your Theme more realistically. [/tips]

Locating the Settings

1. From the Dashboard, click the Design tab:

2. Now you need to click Customise Theme:

3. Next you need to click Theme Settings in the top left-hand corner:

4. Then click the Theme Colours tab:

5. This will reveal the Colour Picker windows which enable you to amend the colours of your Theme:

How to use the Colour Picker windows

1. You’ll see Colour Picker windows everywhere on the EKM online shop platform when you’re customising your Theme. To use these, you simply need to click the coloured box:

2. This will open the Colour Picker window. If you have a hex code for a specific colour, you can paste this into the field provided:

3. Alternatively, if you want to choose a colour on the fly, simply move the circle and the slider to select your colour of choice before pressing the Enter key or clicking off the window to save your selection:

[tips]When you’re amending the colours of your Theme, it’s a good idea to keep note of the hex codes of any colours you have used, so if you want to use the same colour in more than one place, you simply paste in the hex code for that particular colour - it’s a lot easier than trying to ‘guesstimate’ it visually using the sliders within the Colour Pickers. [/tips]


The Header colours are used in this area of your EKM online shop:

[tips]It’s a good idea to save your changes on a regular basis when amending the colours of your Theme. This allows you to click to view how your changes will display on different devices by clicking the icons at the top of the page:



The Navigation colours are used in the menu of your EKM online shop:


The USP colours are used in this section of your EKM online shop:


The Body colours are used in several different areas of your EKM online shop, including Webpages, Category Descriptions, the Checkout Flow and on Product Pages:


The Buttons on your EKM online shop can be seen on the Checkout Flow and on Product Pages too:


The Footer colours are used in the universal Footer section of your EKM online shop:

Saving your changes

1. When you have finished amending your colours, scroll up to the top of the Theme Colours menu and click the X symbol:

2. You'll then see the green Save button on the bottom left-hand side. Click this to save your changes:



[contact] If you need our help with your EKM online shop, contact your Ecommerce Expert or the Customer Support Team, who will be able to point you in the right direction. We're open from 8am-6pm weekdays and 9am-5.30pm weekends. If you'd like to suggest a feature or an upgrade on any of the EKM platforms, please let us know on the EKM Suggestions Board. If you have a non-account specific question to ask the EKM Team, join us in EKM Community. If you need some inspiration for your EKM online shop, listen to our podcast on iTunes and Spotify.[/contact]