[intro]In this Guide, you can learn all about the Aerial Theme and decide if you want to apply it to your own EKM online shop. [/intro]



What is the Aerial Theme?

Released in September 2021, Aerial is the latest type of Theme to be released on the EKM online shop platform: 

How is Aerial different from other Themes?

On all of our other Themes - which you can find listed here - you can use the Legacy Layout Editor to reorder the elements within the Theme. On Aerial, you can use the Layout Editor which gives you the functionality to select the individual elements - called 'sections' - you’d like to use on your EKM online shop and edit each one - from their contents to their position on your Homepage, Category or Product Pages:


  • Layout Editor allows for more customisation without the need for coding skills;
  • You can quickly add, edit and delete Sections;
  • You edit the Homepage, Category, Subcategory and Product Pages universally within your EKM online shop;
  • Aerial is fully mobile responsive so it will automatically adjust to fill the browser being used to view it;
  • Any updates to the EKM online shop platform - such as new features, for example - will automatically be applied;
  • Ideal for the electronics industry, but Aerial can be customised to suit by simply changing the Design Images within each of the Sections; 
  • Mega Menu;
  • Contact Number in Header;
  • Categories can be listed on the Homepage;
  • Subcategory Images on Category Pages;
  • In Category Descriptions;
  • Large Product Images on Product Pages.

Frequently Asked Questions

How big do the Design Images on Aerial need to be?

If you’re making all of the Design Images for your EKM online shop in one go, this Guide lists the recommended sizes in each Section available on the Aerial Theme.

How do I edit my Aerial Homepage?

By following the steps within this Guide

How do I edit my Aerial Category and Subcategory Pages?

You simply need to follow the steps in this Guide to edit the look of your Category and Subcategory Pages. 

How do I add/amend my Category/Subcategory Images?

This process has not changed, and you can add and delete Category and Subcategory Images manually by using this Guide or by using spreadsheets and the Import/Export System feature.

Can I have Tweaks on the Aerial Theme?

Aerial is the only EKM online shop Theme that cannot have Tweaks applied. The reason for this is to prevent complications that can arise on EKM online shops with customised Themes, where updates to the platform - such as new features, for example - are not always visible when installed. This ensures that every EKM online shop using the Aerial Theme will receive updates to the EKM online shop platform as and when they’re released and be able to utilise them straight away.

Will Aerial be updated in the future?

Yes - we’ve got plans to add more Sections offering more versatility to your EKM online shop. 

Can I change the fonts on the Aerial Theme?

Of course - follow the steps in this Guide.

Are all the Aerial Guides listed in one place?

They sure are - you can find them here



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