[intro]Your next step is to create Delivery Methods which make up part of your Checkout Flow and ascertain how your customers will receive their orders. [/intro]


Packaging & Delivery

In this Guide, you'll learn about why your Product packaging and chosen carrier is essential to deliver an excellent customer experience. 

Setting up your Delivery Methods

Here you will learn to set up individual Delivery Methods in accordance with the prices provided by Royal Mail, your courier or another method of shipping. 

Location Restrictions

If you will be shipping Products to areas of the UK which are more expensive than others, you need to follow the instructions in this Guide. 

Country Groups

Whether you ship abroad or just to the UK, it's important that you know what a Country Group is and how to assign Countries to your existing Delivery Methods.

Delivery Widgets on the Shopping Cart Page

You can offer customers a preview of what their delivery costs will be on the Cart Page with this handy widget.

Delivery Options for Unusual Products

If you have items which are delivered on pallets or by other means, this Guide is for you.

Offering Free Shipping and Reduced Shipping

If you wish to run promotions where delivery costs are removed, you need to consult this Guide. 

Testing your Delivery Methods

When you have configured all of your Delivery Methods, it's important to test them out to ensure that they work correctly.


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