[intro] Before you begin this Guide, you need to ensure that you have set up Delivery Methods using this Guide, so once you have created your Country Groups you'll know where to apply them. [/intro]

If you want to ship your Products to Europe and beyond, the process for setting up Delivery Methods is the same as setting them up for the United Kingdom, however, before you begin you will need to set up Country Groups using the information provided by your delivery/courier company. If you are using Royal Mail, click here to see that all the countries of the world have been divided into zones. Some delivery/courier companies may have Europe as one price, America as one price and Asia as one price. The Country Groups settings allow you to group several countries together to create a Group which can then be applied to a single Delivery Method.

For example, if I use Royal Mail to ship my Products to Europe, I’ll refer to this list on their website:

1. Then I’ll need to make a new Country Group by clicking the Country Groups header:

2. After I’ve given a name to my Country Group, I then add countries - referring to the list on the Royal Mail website - by clicking the Country field and beginning to type the name of the country in the search field, before clicking Add Country, like this:

3. You would need to repeat the process until all of the EU countries had been added, before clicking the green Save Changes button:

4. This will return you to the Delivery Methods page, where you will be able to view any Delivery Methods and Country Groups you’ve created so far:

If you wish to ship your Products further abroad than the EU, you would need to consult the price guides from your delivery/shipping company and create Country Groups based on their areas or zones.

5. When you have created your Country Group, you will be able to apply it to an existing or new Delivery Method, by selecting it from the Country drop-down menu at the top of the Delivery Method page:

If you have completed the set-up of all of your Delivery Methods, your next step would be to install a Delivery Widget on the Shopping Cart page.



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