[intro]Before you begin this Guide, you need to ensure that you have set up Delivery Methods using this Guide, so once you have created your Country Groups, you'll know where to apply them.[/intro]

If you want to ship your Products to Europe and beyond, the process for setting up Delivery Methods is the same, however before you begin you will need to set up Country Groups, dependent on the prices given to you by your delivery/courier company. The Country Groups settings allow you to group several countries together to create a Group which can then be applied to a single Delivery Method. 

1. From the Delivery page within your EKM online shop Settings, click the Country Group header:

2. You’ll then see a list of pre-populated Country Groups that you can use. You will need to check these against the pricing model of your courier/shipping company. Alternatively, to make an entirely new Country Group, click the green button on the right-hand side:

3. On this page, you need to give your Country Group a name using the field provided and then select your first Country from the drop-down menu:

4. When you have selected your Country, click the green Add Country button:

5. When you have finished adding your Countries, click the green Save button on the right-hand side:

6. When you have created your Country Group, you will be able to apply it to an existing or new Delivery Method by selecting it from the Country drop-down menu at the top of the Delivery Method page:

[tips]If you don't want to allow customers from certain countries to make purchases on your EKM online shop, you can ensure this by amending the settings on the Order Restrictions page. [/tips]



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