[intro]Location Restrictions allow you to tailor your Delivery Methods around customers who may live in areas where it is slightly more expensive to ship Products to them, such as the Isle of Man, Jersey, the Scottish Highlands, Northern Ireland and Guernsey. [/intro]

If you intend on using the Royal Mail to ship your Products to the UK Channel Islands, the prices do not fluctuate however some of the services do. You can read about this further on the Royal Mail website by clicking here.

Using the price list from your delivery/courier company, you need to ascertain which areas are charged slightly more and note them down if there are any. If their postcodes aren’t explicitly stated on your price list, click here to see a list of the postcodes within the United Kingdom to look up the postcode for the more expensive areas. 

When you’ve jotted down the postcodes of the areas that are more expensive than the rest, check the prices, as some areas - such as Jersey for example - might be more expensive than the Isle of Man. If all of the prices are roughly the same, you can group the postcodes together. 

When you have ticked the box to enable Location Restrictions on a Delivery Method, you can then choose what postcodes are excluded or included for this Delivery Method, by amending the drop-down menu to choose either ‘Allow’ or ‘Disallow’ and adding the relevant postcodes into the field provided:

For example, if it costs more to send Products to the Isle of Man, and I was currently setting up a UK standard 1st class Delivery Method, I would set the drop-down menu to Disallow, and enter ‘IM’ into the field provided, which would prevent anyone with an Isle of Man postcode from being able to use this delivery method:

I’d then need to set up a completely different Delivery Method for the postcodes that I’d just excluded, so I’d then need to create an Isle of Man Delivery Method and set those postcodes to Allow, ensuring that only customers with IM addresses could use that delivery method:

Using Location Restrictions on your Delivery Methods ensures that the right customers are filtered to use the correct Delivery Method for their shipping address and that neither yourself or your customers are left out of pocket. 



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