[intro]In this Guide, you can learn all about backups and how they’re used on the EKM online shop platform. [/intro] 

What are backups used for? 

The primary reason for backups is for Shop Restores. If you’ve ever applied an unwanted Theme to your live shop, edited the source code without any prior experience or accidentally deleted Products and Categories, then you can ask for a Shop Restore where our Engineering Team will undo the mistake for you and restore your EKM online shop to how it was before the incident occurred. 

How often do you take backups?

The EKM online shop platform takes a backup of each EKM online shop on a daily basis. 

How long do you keep backups? 

Each daily backup is kept for 7 days before it is overwritten. We use a GFS backup strategy to create our backups. GFS is an acronym for ‘Grandfather-Father-Son’ and it means that we are regularly creating daily, weekly and monthly backups of all of the shops on the EKM online shop platform. 

Can backups restore everything to how it was before?

Not always. Performing a Shop Restore on your EKM online shop can sometimes result in the loss of some data, depending on the type and reason of your Shop Restore. For example, if corrupted data was uploaded to your EKM online shop and that is the reason for the Shop Restore, this can result in the loss of some data. Whilst our Engineering Team will do their utmost to preserve as much data as possible, every EKM online shop is different; for further information about your own account, speak to the Customer Support Team or your Ecommerce Expert and they will be able to advise you accordingly.



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