[intro]In this Guide, you’ll learn how to configure the Delivery Methods on your EKM online shop to coordinate with the shipping charges from Two Fifteen to ensure that your customers are charged the correct rates. [/intro]

[caution] If you sell other items as well as products imported from Two Fifteen on your EKM online shop, you will need to coordinate these with your existing Delivery Methods. This article explains the Two Fifteen Shipping Rates.[/caution]

If your EKM online shop will only be selling products imported from Two Fifteen, you’ll need to set up your Delivery Methods in a very specific way. To begin, you’ll need to install the Product Attributes feature and ensure that you Enable Product Weight

Your next step will be to add a weight of 0.5 to every product. The quickest way to do this is to install the Import/Export System feature and follow the instructions in this Guide. When you have finished adding weights to all of your products, your next step is to create the Delivery Methods themselves. 

1. From the Dashboard of your EKM online shop, click Settings at the bottom of the left-hand menu:

2. Click Delivery Methods on the left-hand side:

3. Click the green button to add a new Delivery Method:

4. Scroll down and give this Delivery Method a Name, Display Name and Description, using the Two Fifteen shipping rates. Leave the Price set at zero:

5. Scroll down and tick the box for Weight Restrictions:

6. Now you need to add prices according to the Two Fifteen shipping rates, and weights according to the standard 0.5kg weight that you have added for every product on your EKM online shop. To do this, below the Additional Costs header, you need to add the maximum weight in the Weight To field and add the Additional Cost in the field provided, before clicking the green Add Row button:

[remember]Every product from Two Fifteen on your EKM online shop should have a Weight Attribute and this should be listed as 0.5. This ensures that you can charge your customers the correct amount following Two Fifteen’s quoted shipping rates, as these are dependent on the number of items purchased, and not individual weights. Therefore, one product weighs 0.5, and three products will weigh 1.5. Adding these values into the Additional Costs part of the Delivery Method ensures that your customers will be charged the correct amount for shipping. [/remember]

7. When you have set up the Additional Costs, it should look something like this. Remember to click the green Save button in the bottom right-hand corner of the page:

8. If you wish to sell your Two Fifteen products to customers outside of the UK and beyond, click the green Add Delivery Method button again, and repeat the process, following the prices quoted on the Two Fifteen shipping rates page for Europe and the Rest of The World. 

Now you have set up your Delivery Methods, your next step is to add a Payment Gateway to your EKM online shop.

[tips]Remember, if you need to learn more about Two Fifteen, you can find set-up instructions and useful articles here.[/tips]

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