[intro]Category Descriptions are essential for a successful EKM online shop. The text in these fields is intended of course for human use as it will be read by your customers to help them quickly understand what products you have listed within that specific Category, but search engines also ‘read’ this text too, and using the correct keywords and language here helps them decide where your shop will be displayed within search engine results. [/intro]

1. From the Dashboard, click Products on the left-hand menu:

2. Then you need to click the Edit Category button next to the Category you would like to add your Description to:

3. From the drop-down menu, select Edit:

4. Within the Add/Edit Category window, you’ll see a field for Category Description. Enter your Description in the field provided, before clicking Save & Close:

Although the Category Description is not visible on the Aerial Theme, it is still beneficial to populate this field within the Add/Edit Category window. This is because although the text is not visible to your human visitors, search engines can ‘see’ this information and it helps them know where to list your EKM online shop in search results.

[tips]If you have a lot of Categories and Subcategories on your EKM online shop that you would like to add Category Descriptions to, you can do this in bulk by using spreadsheets, the Import/Export System feature and by following the steps in this Guide. [/tips]



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