[intro]In this Guide, you can learn about how to install and use the Product Bundles feature which allows your customers to select a group of up to five items with just a click. [/intro]



The Product Bundles feature allows you to easily group items that customers frequently buy together. For example, if you sell football kits, you may wish to create a product bundle that includes a shirt, shorts and socks, making it easy for customers to choose their size and add the full football kit to their cart all in one go. When a customer purchases a Product Bundle, the stock level of each product in the bundle is reduced automatically.

[caution]If your EKM online shop is in Custom Mode, you will need to contact the Customer Support Team to find out if you can install Product Bundles on your EKM online shop. This is because if your EKM online shop is in Custom Mode, the feature may not display correctly based on the custom code you have added.[/caution]

Installing the Feature

1. From the Dashboard, click Features on the left-hand menu:

2. Click the Feature Library tab:

3. Scroll down to the Product Management features and click the View More button on the right-hand side:

4. Click the Product Bundles icon:

5. Click the green Install Feature button:

6. When the feature has been installed, you’ll then see this notification:

[tips]Before you create your first Product Bundle, it’s a good idea to create Product Images specific to it, so customers can see what items are included in the Bundle at a glance. Ideally, these Product Images should be 1024 pixels square and represent the Products that are included in the bundle, as opposed to the individual Products themselves. [/tips]

Creating a Product Bundle

When creating your first Product Bundle, the best way to understand this feature is to realise that even though the Product Bundle is a type of Product, it’s a ‘folder’ that holds up to five Products within it. With this in mind, you need to ensure that all of the Products you wish to add to your Bundle have been created beforehand with the correct Product Images and populated with Product Descriptions, Product Names, Attributes and so on. 

1. Your next step is to open the Add/Edit Product window to create a new Product. You can do this via the Inventory Manager:

2. When you have given your Product Bundle a Product Image, Name and Description, scroll down within the Add/Edit Product window, where you’ll see a tickbox for Product Bundles. Tick this box:

3. When this box has been ticked, you’ll see the Bundles tab appear in the top right-hand corner of the Add/Edit Product window:

4. When you click the Bundles Tab, you can click the green button to add Products to create your Product Bundle:

5. On this tab, each ‘folder and box’ icon represents a Category. If there’s a green cross next to a Category, it means that there are existing Products within that Category - simply click the green cross to see them:

6. Products have a ‘box’ icon, and you can select a Product by clicking the grey box next to it:

7. What you need to do here is select up to five different Products that you would like to add to your Product Bundle before clicking the green Add button on the right-hand side:

8. When you have added additional items to your Product Bundles, you’ll see this tab. You can change the display order of the Products by clicking the Change button on the top right-hand side, and you can add more Products to this Bundle by clicking the green Add button. When you have finished, click Save & Close:

[remember]Your Product Bundle when viewed within Inventory Manager will display a price of N/A. This is normal, and because the Product Bundle’s Price is calculated by the combination of Products within it. [/remember]

What your customers see

1. From the Category Page - using Aerial as my Theme - the Product Bundle is listed like any other Product:

2. However, on clicking the Product Page, the format is slightly different to allow customers to see at a glance what is included in the Product Bundle:

3. If any of the Products within your Product Bundle have Variants, these will display on the Product Bundle Product Page with drop-down menus to allow your customer to select their choices:

Product Bundles and Stock Control

Product Bundles adapt to the Stock Control settings within your EKM online shop, so it is worth reviewing these settings as you set up your first Product Bundle. You can do this by following the steps in this Guide.

Deleting Product Bundles

1. The quickest way to delete a Product Bundle would be by using the Inventory Manager feature. Simply navigate to the Category that contains the Product Bundle, and tick the box on the left-hand side:

2. You then need to click the Quick Actions button:

3. From the drop-down, click the red Delete button:

4. You’ll then see a second window where you will need to confirm that you want to delete the Product Bundle. Again, you’ll need to click the red Delete button:

5. Deleting a Product Bundle will not delete the Products within it - it will only delete the Product Bundle itself. If you wish to reinstate the same Product Bundle in the future, you will need to create it again from scratch.  

Product Bundles and Discount Management

If you want to give your customers a discount when they purchase a Product Bundle, this can be set up within the Discount Management feature by setting up a discount on all of the products included in the Product Bundle. To set up a discount offering a percentage off your Product Bundle, use this Guide and to set up a Discount offering a monetary amount off the Product Bundle, you’ll need this one - don’t forget to include any Variants on your Products too!

Frequently Asked Questions

How many items can I put in a Product Bundle?

You can have a maximum of five Products within a Product Bundle.

Can I add Products with Variants into a Product Bundle?

Any Product can be added to a Product Bundle, including Products with Variants. Options can be added to Bundled Products and if any of the fields are required, these must be completed before the order can be completed. 

Can Product Bundles Have Reviews?

Customers can leave Reviews for each of the individual Products within the Product Bundle, as well as for the Product Bundle itself. 



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