[intro]In this Guide you can learn about Missing Pages alerts in the Analytics tab of your EKM online shop, what causes these alerts, and how to resolve them.[/intro]



1. To locate the Missing Pages page, from the Dashboard, you need to click on Analytics:

2. On the Analytics page, you need to click the Missing Pages link within the Shop Health element:

3. On this page, you’ll find a list of Missing Pages:

On the far right of each page, you have Redirect and Mark As Resolved buttons. You also have these buttons at the top of the list of pages to apply to all of the URLs in the list:

Missing Pages simply report what has been entered into the address bar of a browser to locate content on your EKM online shop. It's worth checking these URLs as an EKM online shop owner, as you can take a look and double-check that there's not something there that should be displaying normally - such as a previously popular product being discontinued without a 301 Redirect in place, for example.

When you have reviewed the URLs within the Missing Pages list, if you're satisfied none of them is due to Products, Categories or Webpages being deleted or hidden, just redirect them in bulk to the Homepage.

What causes Missing Pages?

The main causes of Missing Pages include:

  • The user entered the incorrect URL (misspelt, mistyped, etc.) into the browser’s address bar;
  • The URL structure of your site recently changed without a redirect and it’s causing a 404 error;
  • Links to content (PDF, Google Doc, video, etc.) that has been moved or deleted;
  • Broken elements within the page (HTML, CSS, Javascript, or insecure link interference);
  • Bots from search engines and similar accessing the site with a changed number at the end of the URL as they try to find new pages - or mining to find vulnerabilities;
  • Firewall or geolocation restriction that does not allow outside access.

Most cases on your EKM online shop will usually be the result of hiding or deleting Categories, Products or Webpages without assigning a 301 Redirect or changing your shop platform and not redirecting the old URLs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I stop URLs from being generated as Missing Pages?

The URLs will always get listed as you can't control what human visitors or bots enter into their browser’s address bar to visit your EKM online shop. The Missing Pages section simply lists what's been entered previously by human visitors or bots to access a specific page on your EKM online shop.

Where can I see any URLs I have redirected?

Within the 301 Redirects feature on the Features page. 

Why do we have so many URLs that customers/bots are clicking on? 

The size of your EKM online shop and the amount of content plays an important factor here, as do any links on external platforms such as social media, search engines, blogs, forums and so on. If you have a large EKM online shop with hundreds or even thousands of Products available and lots of links to external platforms, this can generate a large number of URLs. If your shop has a large number of backlinks (links that appear on other sites that bring people back to your EKM online shop) and these aren’t all up-to-date, this can also contribute. 

Can I just click the Mark as Resolved button to solve the problem?

Essentially, if you’re sure that any discontinued Products, Categories, Webpages or other content has been redirected previously, yes you can. Because these Missing Pages will be generated on a regular basis; you'll always get bots and the like going to your EKM online shop and generating Missing Pages, so by redirecting them to your Homepage, or a specific Category Page, for example, you're providing a place for them to be redirected to.

Do I always have to redirect to the Homepage?

No - you can redirect to a Category Page of similar Products to the one being searched for in the URL.



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