[intro]When you have completed this guide, you will have installed the Klarna payment gateway on your EKM online shop and be able to process Klarna orders.[/intro]



Klarna is a Payment Gateway that works in a slightly different way from the rest in that customers place their orders without having to pay for 28 days. As a Merchant, you will receive payment for your customer’s order from Klarna, and your customer will pay Klarna after 28 days.

[remember]Before you begin this Guide, it is essential that you have completed all of the fields on the Your Details and Shop Details pages of your EKM online shop. [/remember]

Adding Klarna to your EKM online shop

1. From the Dashboard, click Settings at the bottom of the left-hand menu:

2. On the left-hand side, click Payment Methods:

3. On this page, scroll down to Third Party Payments and select Klarna Payments from the drop-down menu before clicking the green Add button:

4. You will then be redirected to this page. Click Enter Details on the right-hand side:

5. In the window that appears, complete the fields provided, ensure that you have ticked the box at the bottom and click the green Submit button on the right-hand corner:

6. You will then need to go through a series of windows. Answer these questions fully and scroll down to click the Next button on each. The final window will confirm your details. Check everything is correct, and then close this window by clicking the X in the top right-hand corner:

7. You’ll then be returned to this page:

8. You will now need to wait for Klarna to verify your account. This can take up to 5 business days, although is often a lot quicker. When this process is complete, you will receive an email confirmation from Klarna to the email address listed on the Your Details page of your EKM online shop. 

Enable On Site Messaging

9. Scroll down to the Configure Klarna settings towards the bottom of the page. Here you can see your unique Merchant ID (which you will need to identify yourself to Klarna should you have to contact them), a link to the Klarna Portal and below this, a checkbox to Enable On Site Messaging and a button to disable this payment method entirely. Click to View Portal:

10. You will be redirected to this page. Add in the details that you have received in the email from Klarna, before clicking Log In:

11. Once you have logged into the Klarna Merchant Portal, click On-site Messaging on the left-hand side:

12. Scroll to the bottom of this page and click Get Started:

[tips] Within the Klarna Merchant Portal, it’s worth taking a look at all of the settings available to you. On the Branding tab, you can upload your logo which will be displayed within Klarna’s shopping app, whilst the Marketing tab contains lots of ready-made marketing assets that you can post to your social media profiles.[/tips]

13. On this page, scroll down to the ‘Add Code to your site’ area and in the code window, you need to copy the data client id. You don’t need all of the code, just the id, which is comprised of five groups of assorted letters and numbers:

14. Return to the browser tab displaying the Klarna settings of your EKM online shop, and tick the box to Enable On Site Messaging, which will display a field for the Data Client ID:

15. Paste the Data Client ID into the field provided and then click Update Configuration to complete the installation of Klarna on your EKM online shop:

[remember]Klarna is a third-party Payment Gateway, which means you are using a company external to EKM to process payments on your EKM online shop. With this in mind, EKM cannot control how the third party processes payments or influence their policies and procedures.

Whilst there are rarely issues with third-party payment gateways, on occasion, it is necessary to contact them directly to resolve any issues as our Customer Support Team is only able to investigate up to the point where the customer is transferred away from your EKM online shop to process their payment before they are redirected back again to complete the order.

If you have any questions, you can visit Klarna Merchant Support. You can view their current operating status here and if you need to contact Klarna directly, you can call them on 020 300 50844 or 080 818 93444 - don’t forget to have your Merchant ID available when you call, as they will use this to identify you. [/remember]



[contact] If you need our help with your EKM online shop, contact your Account Manager or Customer Support, who will be able to point you in the right direction. We're open from 8am-6pm weekdays and 9am-5.30pm on the weekends. If you'd like to suggest a feature or an upgrade on any of the EKM platforms, please let us know on the EKM Suggestions board. If you have a non-account specific question ask the EKM Team, join us in EKM Community.  [/contact]