[intro]In this Guide, you’ll learn how to add and customise the Embed Code section on your EKM online shop.[/intro]

Sometimes you may want to embed third-party code on your EKM online shop. Often third-party code needs to be installed in two different places; often within the Header and separately in an element where you would like the code to display something. To add third-party code to the Header of your EKM online shop, follow the steps in this Guide, and to add the second part of your code to an element, you need to install the Embed Code section. 

1. Ensure you are viewing the Sections Tab, and scroll to the bottom of the list so you can click Add Section:

2. Scroll down the available sections and click Embed Code:

3. Now this section has been added to your EKM online shop, click the Edit symbol:

4. Now you need to click the down arrow:

5. This will reveal the field where you can add your code:

6. If your code is set to display a badge or graphic, click the switch beneath the field to see if the graphic displays well. This will obviously require some experimentation as third-party code can vary widely in regard to what is supposed to display. 

When you have finished adding your code to this section, make sure you scroll to the bottom and click the green Save button:

[remember]As third-party code is not native to the EKM online shop platform, our Customer Support Team are unable to assist you with adding, editing or deleting this code from your EKM online shop. [/remember]



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