[intro]In this Guide, you can learn about platform transaction fees; what they apply to and how they are paid.[/intro]

Starting from the 1st of September 2022, customers using some Payment Gateways on the EKM online shop platform will be charged a transaction fee against each transaction through their EKM online shop.

What are the platform transaction fees?

The platform transaction fees depend on the tier your EKM online shop is on:

  • Pro - 0.50% (+VAT)
  • Advanced - 0.50% (+VAT)
  • Standard - 1% (+VAT)
  • Basic - 2% (+VAT)
  • Lite - 2% (+VAT)
  • Dormant - 2% (+VAT)

Which Payment Gateways are exempt from the platform fees?

If you use any of the Payment Gateways listed below, you will be exempt from platform transaction fees, regardless of what tier your EKM online shop is on:

How will I pay the fees?

You will be billed retrospectively for your platform transaction fees once per month as part of your usual monthly invoice for the EKM online shop platform. You’ll see these fees as a new line item on your monthly invoice. 

How are the fees calculated?

The platform transaction fee billing period will run from your billing day the previous month up to the day before your current billing day. For example, if your usual billing day is the 20th of the month, your platform transaction fees are calculated between the 20th of the previous month to the 19th of the current month. You will be able to download a spreadsheet of your platform transaction fees from the Payments Settings page of your EKM online shop nearer the time. 

What about refunds and cancelled orders?

Refunds and cancelled transactions will still qualify for platform transaction fees. 

What if I change my tier?

If you decide to upgrade or downgrade your tier, the correct platform transaction fees will be applied automatically from the exact point in time that this happens. So if you were to upgrade mid-month, your platform transaction fees would be an accurate mixture of the old and new rates, until you completed a full month on the new tier. 

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