[intro]If you use Google Tag Manager or Google Analytics on your EKM online shop, it is worth knowing about the properties that the EKM online shop platform uses. [/intro]

The EKM platform uses Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics to track platform usage and performance. As a result, Tag Manager and Google Analytics properties may be picked up by Google and other third-party analytics tools. 

What does that mean for my EKM online shop?

The code is added at platform level and does not directly affect your EKM online shop. If you do not use Google Tag Manager or Google Analytics it’s likely that this has been a concern for you so far and is unlikely to be in the future. 

What if I am using Google Tag Manager and/or Google Analytics?

Note: The information below assumes that you are using Google Tag Manager, Universal Analytics (UA) or Google Analytics 4 (GA4). 

The properties added to the EKM online shop platform do not affect additional implementations of either Tag Manager or Analytics. Tools such as Google Tag Assistant may report the EKM properties on your EKM online shop, however. 

The message ‘Multiple tags on web pages’ is an ‘information only’ message that is simply there to advise you. On an entirely standalone website, it is typical to only have one instance of each asset. On a fully-hosted platform like your EKM online shop, however, it is not a problem to have multiple tags present as they are being used for different purposes. You will not be able to access reporting data on these properties, so the best thing to do is simply disregard them. 

How do I know which properties belong to EKM and which are mine?

The EKM properties are as follows: 

  • Google Tag Manager: GTM-KF9VMP
  • Google Analytics: UA-57854136-1

If you are picking up other properties these are likely to be the properties you’ve added yourself, or that have been added on your behalf by a third-party developer or agency. 



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