[intro]In this Guide, you will learn how to identify if your EKM online shop is using mCommerce.[/intro]

What is mCommerce?

mCommerce is the name of the theme given to EKM’s legacy Mobile Shop. Prior to 2017, every shop on the EKM platform had the same mobile Theme that could be styled in a limited way to reflect the branding of the desktop Theme.

Why aren’t we using it anymore?

In 2017 EKM started using responsive Themes - Themes which automatically adjusted to multiple screen sizes. mCommerce is not required for these Themes. In 2019, EKM stopped providing non-responsive Themes and stopped providing ongoing support for mCommerce. EKM dropped support for Design Tweaks on mCommerce in 2021. 

[caution]Themes that use mCommerce and separate mobile Themes are no longer supported. You can read more about these in this Guide. [/caution]

How can I tell if my EKM online shop is using mCommerce?

There are several different ways to find out. The easiest way is via the Settings tab. On an EKM online shop that is currently using mCommerce, there will be the option Mobile Shop under the Advanced Settings listed on the left-hand side:

Finally, you may just be able to tell from at a glance by viewing your EKM online shop on your mobile phone. Every mCommerce EKM online shop uses the same base template, so most are identical aside from the colour, logo and content:

If your EKM online shop is still using a Theme with mCommerce, you will need to update it to a more responsive Theme to improve the experience for your customers. You can read about the different options you have to choose from in this Guide. [more]


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