[intro]In this Guide you’ll learn how to create a Fabric Calculator on an existing Product on your EKM online shop. Before you begin, you will need to have installed the Product Calculators feature. [/intro]

1. In the Add/Edit Product window, click More Options:

2. This will reveal the Calculator tab - click this:

3. First, you need to tick the box to display the Calculator on your Product Page:

4. From the drop-down menu, ensure that you have Fabric Calculator selected:

5. Tick the box to Allow Wastage, if applicable. Allowing Wastage means that when calculating the total amount of fabric required, the system can round up so that the customer can choose to have slightly more than what they need to allow for mistakes:

6. Further down, you need to select the fabrics' measurements from metres, feet, centimetres or millimetres, before adding the Width and Height to the fields supplied. When you have completed these details, you need to click the Save & Close button on the bottom right-hand side:

7. On the Product Page, you’ll see a drop-down menu for your Product Calculator. Click it:

8. This will reveal the Product Calculator. The customer must add the Width and Height/Length of their desired fabric area. When they have added in the dimensions of the first sample of fabric, they simply need to click Add Another Area to add in the dimensions of any additional pieces they require:

9. When the customer has added in the dimensions for each of their areas, they can then tick the Wastage box if they want the system to round up, to ensure that they have enough fabric for their project:

10. The customer can then click Add To Cart, and the fabric they require - according to their specifications - will have been added into the Cart:

[tips]When using the Fabric Calculator, your customers can select pieces of fabric wider than the size specified in the Add/Edit Product window. If you typically sell fabric directly from a roll, it’s worth mentioning the dimensions of the fabric roll within the Product Description to advise your customers that areas wider than the roll the fabric is cut from will require a joining seam in their project. [/tips] 

[remember]If you have a lot of Products you would like to add Product Calculators to, you can always use spreadsheets and the Import/Export System. Read more in this Guide. [/remember]



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