[intro]In this Guide you’ll learn how to create a Tile Calculator on an existing Product with Variants on your EKM online shop. Before you begin, you will need to have installed the Product Calculators feature. [/intro]

1. You can also add a Tile Calculator to Products with Variants. Before you begin, you need to ensure that you’ve already created the Product and its Product Variants. Within the Add/Edit Product window, click More Options:

2. Now you need to click the Calculator tab on the left-hand side:

3. Tick the box to display a Calculator on the Product Page:

4. Ensure you’ve selected Tile Calculator from the drop-down and if applicable, tick the box to allow Wastage, before clicking the green Edit Variants button:

[remember] Tick the box to Allow Wastage, if applicable. Allowing Wastage means that when calculating the total number of tiles required, the system can round up, so that the customer can choose to have slightly more than what they need to allow for mistakes on the Product Page. [/remember]

5. Now you need to click Edit on the far right-hand side of the first Product Variant:

6. Click the Calculator tab on the left-hand side:

7. Now you need to select the tiles' measurements from metres, feet, centimetres or millimetres, before adding the Tile Width and Tile Height to the fields supplied. Then you need to add in the number of tiles per box (but only complete this if you don’t sell the tiles as individual, single units), before clicking Return To Master Product:

8. Next, you need to click the Edit button on the far right of the next Product Variant down:

9. Repeat the same process, clicking the Calculator tab and completing the relevant fields, until you have done all of the Product Variants on this Product. When you have finished, click the Save & Close button:

10. On the Product Page, you’ll see a drop-down menu for your Product Calculator. Click it: 

12. This will reveal the Product Calculator. The customer must add the Width and Height of their walls in metres, feet, centimetres or millimetres. When they have added in the dimensions of the first wall, they simply need to click Add Another Area to add in the dimensions of any additional walls:

13. When the customer has added in the dimensions for each of the walls they want to tile and their chosen Variant, they can then tick the Wastage box if they want the system to round up, to ensure that they have enough tiles for their project:

14. The customer can then click Add To Cart, and all of the tiles they require - according to their wall dimensions - will have been added into the Cart:

[remember]If you have a lot of Products you would like to add Product Calculators to, you can always use spreadsheets and the Import/Export System. Read more in this Guide. [/remember]



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