[intro]The Save For Later functionality on the Cart allows your customers to save Products for purchase at a later date. In this Guide, you’ll learn how this functionality works and how it can encourage repeat custom. [/intro]

When a customer adds a Product into their cart and goes to the Cart page, they will see the Save For Later link to each Product:

If the customer clicks to Save a Product, it will then be visible below the Cart element with a link to Move To Cart, like this:


Do my customers have to be logged into their accounts to see Save For Later?

No, customers without accounts can see and use Save For Later too.

My customer has saved some Products, but when they returned to my shop, they were gone. Why?

Because since saving their Products, they have cleared the cache, cookies and temporary files from their browser, which will have deleted the cookie from their browser that ‘remembers’ the saved Products. Encourage the customer to make an account on your EKM online shop (you’ll need to have the Customer Login feature installed for this) and advise them to make a Wish List instead if they want to save Products long term. 

How long will the saved Products last if the customer doesn’t clear their browser cache?

28 days - after this point, the cookie will expire. Again, it is worth installing the Customer Login feature and encouraging the customer to create a Wish List of their favourite Products on your EKM online shop. 

Where do my customers go to see their Saved Products?

They simply need to add a Product to the Cart and return to the Cart page, where they’ll see any Save Products below the Cart element. 



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