[intro]In this Guide, you can learn how to connect your Wordpress Blog with a zap so that any posts your published are automatically tweeted on your Twitter account. Before you begin, you need to have opened a Zapier account by following the steps in this Guide.  [/intro]

1. For the purpose of this Guide, I’m going to use a zap template to automatically tweet Wordpress posts with an image as and when they are published. Click the blue button:

2. Click Continue:

3. You now need to connect your existing Wordpress account. Click the grey button:

4. A window will appear for you to add in your Base URL , Username and Password into the fields provided. When you have done this, click the orange button:

5. You’ll then see that your Wordpress account has been added. Click the blue button:

6. You can add a custom value for the Post Status and Post Type, but I’m going to leave these blank as I want every post shared on Twitter - I don’t want to filter through existing post types. Click the blue button:

7. You’ll then see this page whilst Zapier makes a connection with your Wordpress blog. Click Skip This Step:

8. You’ll then see this page, with a default post listed. You can click the blue Pull In My Samples’ button which will import some of your existing Wordpress, but for the purpose of this Guide, I’m going to click to continue with the default sample:

9. Click Continue:

10. You’ll now need to connect your Twitter account to the zap. Click the grey button:

11. In the window that appears, click the orange button:

12. You then need to click the blue button to authorise Zapier to access your Twitter account:

13. Click the blue button:

14. Click the blue button:

Your Zap is now set up and from now on, any posts that you publish on Wordpress, will be shared on your Twitter feed automatically. 



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