[intro]In this Guide, you’ll learn how to temporarily hide an existing Product from view on your EKM online shop.[/intro]

On occasion you may need to hide a Product on your EKM online shop - perhaps it’s a popular item that’s out of stock, or it’s a new item and your actual stock hasn’t arrived yet. In this Guide, you’ll learn how to hide Products and make them visible again when you’re ready for your customers to see them. 

1. Within the Add/Edit Product window, click the switch on the top right-hand corner to hide the Product from display:

2. You then need to click the Save & Close button on the bottom right-hand corner:

3. When you see your Product in the back end of your EKM online shop, you’ll notice it’s now ‘greyed out’ to indicate that it is hidden:

4. To make your Product visible again, simply open up the Add/Edit Product window, click the switch in the top right-hand corner and then click Save & Close:

Using the Inventory Manager

If you’ve installed the Inventory Manager feature and you have lots of Products you would like to hide, then this is a quicker option than using the Shop tab. Click to view the relevant Category and scroll down the list until you locate the Products you would like to hide. Simply click the Status switch to turn it grey, indicating that the Product is now hidden:

To make your Products visible again, simply click the switches to change them back to green. 

[tips]If you have a lot of products you would like to hide all at once, the quickest way to do this would be to install the Import/Export System feature and use this Guide to amend the Hidden column cells on your spreadsheet from 'No' to 'Yes' for any items you would like to hide, before uploading the spreadsheet back onto your EKM online shop.[/tips]



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