[intro]Before you begin this Guide, you must ensure that you have installed the Import/Export System feature on your EKM online shop. You will need this to create a spreadsheet of your Products.[/intro]

If you have an extensive product range on your EKM online shop, it’s often a lot quicker to perform edits to large numbers of items at once using spreadsheets. In this Guide, you’ll learn how to export your Products to a spreadsheet to begin editing them. 

1. From the Dashboard, Features on the left-hand menu:

2. Click the icon to open the Import/Export System:

3. Your next step is to click Export Data:

4. Click the top arrow symbol to Export Products:

5. Click the green button on the far right-hand side:

6. Leave all of the checkboxes on this page ticked and click Continue To Choose Download Type:

7. Select a CSV file if you have under 500 products to edit or bulk add to your website. If you have more products than this, select an XLXS file:

8. Click the link to download the template spreadsheet. You’ll then see this message. Click the link to download the spreadsheet to your computer:

The file will automatically be added to the Downloads folder on your computer.



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