[intro]Email marketing is a very cost effective way of promoting your Products and your Brand to customers, which in turn encourages sales. Email marketing campaigns are also a fantastic way to encourage interest in upcoming Product lines, new offers and discounts.[/intro]


Features - Email Marketing

This Guide shows you where to locate the Email Marketing feature and how to install it. 

Before you begin

Here you can learn how to configure the settings for the feature correctly. 

Managing your Contacts

In this Guide, you can learn about how best to manage your contacts within your EKM Email Marketing account. 

Uploading your Contacts using a Spreadsheet

If you have a spreadsheet of consenting customers' email addresses, this Guide takes you through the steps required to upload these to your EKM Email Marketing account. 

EKM Email Marketing Visual Designer

If you've not created an email marketing campaign before, the Visual Designer is a good place to start.

Subject Lines

The Subject Lines of your email newsletters are what encourage customers to open them or mark them as junk, so it's vital that you craft something catchy and intriguing to ensure your readers see your content.

Sending your Email Campaign 

Here, you'll learn how to send a test email and what to expect when you send your own email marketing campaign.

Segmenting your Contacts

When you have built up large Contact Groups, segmenting them is an excellent way to market different kinds of content.  

Sequenced Campaigns

Offering Sequenced Campaigns allows you to send a specific series of newsletters to a Contact Group, with a given delay between each email. 

How to reset your EKM Email Marketing Password

If you usually log into your EKM Email Marketing account independently of your EKM online shop, this Guide explains how to reset the password on your EKM Email Marketing account. 


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