[intro]Email marketing is a cost-effective way of promoting your products and brand to customers, which encourages sales. Email marketing campaigns are also a fantastic way to encourage interest in upcoming product lines, new offers and discounts.[/intro]

Installing the Feature
When you have completed this guide, you will have installed EKM Email Marketing on your EKM online shop and can offer marketing newsletters to your customers.
Before you begin
In this guide, you’ll learn about all the settings you need to configure before creating your first email newsletter.
Email Newsletter Modal
The Email Newsletter Modal is fantastic for encouraging customers to sign up for your email marketing campaigns when they visit your EKM online shop. This can increase sales, especially if you run regular promotions and discounts and advertise these in your email marketing campaigns.
EKM Response Visual Designer
After you have completed this guide, you will be able to create an email newsletter of your design from scratch using the Visual Designer on the EKM Email Marketing platform.
Subject Lines
Before you begin this guide, you must have opened an EKM Email Marketing account and designed your first email newsletter using the Visual Designer. When you have finished this Guide, you will know how to write the subject line for your email newsletter to encourage your readers to click on it.
Sending your Email Campaign
When you have completed this guide, you will have sent your email newsletter to one of your Contact Groups.
Sequenced Campaigns
Sequenced Campaigns are email newsletter campaigns where emails are sent as a series to customers with a specific time between each email.
Uploading new Contacts using a Spreadsheet
If you aim to regularly collect customers’ details to add them to your email newsletter mailing list, it’s worth taking their details on the spot at events, workshops and seminars to then upload to your EKM Email Marketing account using a spreadsheet at a later date.
Segmenting Your Contacts
Segmenting your email list is a method of further narrowing down your target market into smaller groups so that you can send more specific, tailored messages.
Managing Your Contacts
After completing this guide, you’ll know how to create Contact Groups, import Contacts directly from your EKM online shop, upload spreadsheets and more.
How to reset your EKM Email Marketing passwordIn this guide, you’ll learn how to reset the password for your EKM Email Marketing account.

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