[caution]This Guide is intended for use with Legacy Themes or EKM online shops in Custom Mode.[/caution]

[intro] When you have completed this Guide, you will have hyperlinked your Logo in your EKM online shop, so customers can quickly navigate back to the Homepage with one click from wherever they are on your shop. [/intro]

When you have uploaded your Logo onto your EKM online shop, the next step is to hyperlink it to your Homepage. This is essential as it’s a recognised method for helping your customers get back to the Homepage wherever they are on your EKM online shop.

1. To do this, from the Dashboard page, click Shop on the left-hand menu:

2. On the Shop page, ensure that the ‘Edit Design’ button is turned on:

3. Click the Edit Element button beneath your logo, and select ‘Edit’ from the drop-down list:

4. In the Edit Element window, click the Content tab:

5. Now you need to open a new tab on your browser and visit your EKM online shop as if you were a customer, using the domain name. Copy the domain name from the address bar:

6. Returning to your previous browser tab, click the logo image to highlight it blue before clicking the link button:

7. In the window that appears, paste the domain name of your EKM online shop into the URL field provided, before clicking the green ‘OK’ button:

8. Then click the ‘Save & Close’ button on the bottom right of the Edit Element window:

This will then allow customers to navigate back to your homepage in one click, regardless of where they are within your EKM online shop.



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