[intro]When you have installed this feature, you will have installed the Search Statistics feature on your EKM online shop, which will allow you to see what your customers have been looking for. [/intro]

The Search Statistics feature reveals what your visitors have entered into the Search bar of your EKM online shop. You can use this information to tailor your content around your customers and how it is named and displayed, which can have a positive impact and improve your customers' experience on your EKM online shop. For example, if you find your customers are looking for a specific product regularly, that means they can’t see a clear path to this product on your Homepage, so it would be beneficial to amend your content or even add a Design Image - especially for this item - hyperlinked to the relevant Product Page. If your customers are regularly searching for an item that you don’t have in your product range, it would be prudent to find out if you can stock it, if there's demand.

Installing the Feature

1. From the Dashboard, click Features on the left-hand menu:

2. Click the Feature Library tab:

3. Scroll down to the Conversions features and click the View More button:

4. Click the Search Statistics icon:

5. Click the green Install Feature button:

6. Click the green Launch button:

Using the Feature

7. When you have launched the Search Statistics feature, you’ll see a page that looks something like this, dependent on how many visitors your EKM online shop is receiving on a regular basis:

You can delete any search results if need be by clicking the Delete button on the right-hand side. 



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