[intro]In this Guide, you’ll learn how to create a Snapchat Profile, which is ideal if you’re new to the platform and have not used it before. [/intro]

Before you begin, this Guide will show you how to create a Snapchat Profile, which is intended for use by a single person. If you wish to create a Snapchat account for your EKM online shop which allows you to showcase your Products, then you’ll need to create a Snapchat Profile first, and then click the link at the bottom of this Guide.

1. To begin, you need to download the Snapchat app to your mobile phone. If you use an iPhone click here and if you use the Android ecosystem, click here. When you have opened the app, click to Sign Up in the bottom left-hand corner:

2. Click Continue:

3. Click Allow:

4. Add your first and last names into the fields provided, and then click the blue button:

5. Add your birth date and click continue:

6. Click to change your username:

7. Add the name of your EKM online shop into the field provided, before clicking continue:

8. Add in a password and click Continue:

9. Add your mobile number and click Continue:

10. Once you have confirmed the text code, you will be forwarded here. Click Continue:

11. Select five people from your friends list to follow. Click the Add button on the right-hand side to follow people:

12. When you’ve selected five friends, click the blue Continue button:

13. Click the profile symbol in the top left-hand corner:

14. This will display your profile. Click to verify your email address:

15. Add your email address into the field provided, and then click the green Save button:

16. This will redirect you back to your profile: 

The Profile that you have just created is ideal for a person as opposed to a business. To create a Snapchat profile especially for your EKM online shop where you can showcase your website and product range, you’ll need to create a Snapchat Ads account so you can set up a Public Profile. 



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