[intro]In this Guide, you’ll learn where to customise the Outgoing Emails from your EKM online shop.[/intro]



[tips]For a full list of the EKM Tags which can be added to the Outgoing Email Templates, click here.[/tips]

1. From the Dashboard, click the Settings tab:

2. On the Settings page, click Outgoing Emails on the far right-hand side:

3. In the Email Settings element at the top of the page, you can tick the box to Override Accent Colour of your outgoing emails from the defaults dictated by the Theme you're using on your EKM online shop:

4. Ticking the box will reveal an Accent Colour element, where you can click the box to change the accent colour:

5. This will reveal a Colour Picker window, where you can paste in the hex code of the colour you'd like to use, or use the slider and circle to select a specific colour:

6. When you scroll down to the Email Templates element, listing the different kinds of Outgoing Emails that your EKM online shop uses, you can click the down arrows on the far right-hand side in order to access the templates:

7. The Shop Owner Email is the only email which does not have a Template, owing to the fact that this is not customer-facing:

Order Status Updates

8. Click the Order Status Updates header to reveal the Email Template for Order Status Updates, and click the Edit button on the far right-hand side:

[remember]If you have previously edited your Outgoing Emails, you'll need to click the Reset buttons on the far right-hand side first to return them to default before you edit them:


9. This will reveal the Edit Email window. The information in the {brackets} and EKM Tags should not be edited as this outputs vital information corresponding to the customer and their order:

10. You can, however, edit the text on the email to reflect the ethos of your brand, before clicking the green Save button on the bottom right-hand corner of the window:

[caution] When editing the Templates, you must not remove or amend any of the EKM Tags or any command within [square_brackets]; these are essential for displaying the right content within the email.[/caution]

Abandoned Cart Saver

If you have installed the Abandoned Cart Statistics feature on your EKM online shop, you’ll know that you can select how often and how many Abandoned Cart emails a customer may receive after abandoning an order. In this area, you can access and edit the contents of:

Abandoned Cart Email after One Day/One Hour/Two Days

Ideally, if you have activated Abandoned Cart Emails, you should edit the text within these to ensure it fits your brand but as always, don’t delete any of the EKM Tags as this will prevent the emails working properly and displaying the correct information.

Stock Alerts

If you have installed the Back In Stock Statistics feature and enabled Back In Stock Alerts, so customers can enter their email address on the Product Page to receive a notification for when that Product is back in stock, this is the area where you can amend the email notification that the customer will receive:

Customer Accounts

If you have installed the Customer Login feature on your EKM online shop to allow customers to make accounts, save Products to a Wish List and earn Loyalty Points, this is the area where you can edit all of the emails a customer could potentially receive from your EKM online shop:

Attempt to Recover Password for Unregistered User Email

If the customer has attempted to log into their account on your EKM online shop but they’re using the wrong email address and not the one that they registered with, then they receive this email. As with all customer-facing email templates, it’s a good idea to reword these to suit your brand, but don’t adjust or delete the EKM Tags as this could prevent the email from working properly. When you have finished editing, you simply need to click the green Save button in the bottom right-hand corner of the window.

Email Updated Email

If the customer changes the email address that’s registered to their account on your EKM online shop, this email is sent automatically to their old email address.

Merchant Triggered Create Password

When you have created an account for a customer on your EKM online shop, they will, of course, have to set their own password to adhere with GDPR compliance. This is the email the customer receives to instruct them to create their password.

Merchant Triggered Reset Password

If the customer contacts you as the shop owner to change their password, you need to explain to them that’s something they need to do themselves via an email as to do otherwise is not GDPR compliant. This is the email that the customer receives when you have clicked within their account on your EKM online shop.

Multiple Failed Logins Email

If the customer has attempted to log into their account on your EKM online shop with the wrong details too many times, they will automatically receive this email.

Password Updated Email

When the customer has successfully reset the password on their account, they will automatically receive this email. 

Reset Password Link Email

If the customer clicks the ‘Forgotten Password?’ link when they are trying to log into their account, this is the email that they receive.

[tips]When you have finished editing the look of your Outgoing Emails, it would be a good idea to test these so you can see what your customers see. Follow the steps in this Guide. [/tips]



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