[intro]In this Guide, you can learn how to make 1 or more copies of a single Product on your EKM online shop - useful if your Products have similar Variants and Options.[/intro]

When you’re adding Products to your EKM online shop manually or within Inventory Manager, in the case of Products that are very similar to each other, it can be useful to use the Copy Product function. This will make an exact copy of a Product, so all you have to do is amend the details slightly to suit the next Product in your range - saving you lots of time if your Products have lots of Variants or Options.

1. In the Add/Edit Product window, click the More Options header on the left-hand side:

2. Select Copy Product:

3. You now need to give the copied Product a name in the applicable field, select which Category you would like the Product to display within and how many copies of the Product you’d like to make, before clicking the Copy Product button:

[tips] If you don’t amend the Product Name, the copied Product will retain the name with the copy number in brackets so you can differentiate it from the original Product.[/tips]

4. You’ll then see a window appear. Click Edit Copied Product:

5. The Edit Product window will then update to become that of the copied Product. You can then amend different aspects of this copied Product before clicking the Save & Close button as normal:



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