[intro]The Guides listed below are what you will need to refer to when it comes to assigning a domain, setting up an email address and an SSL certificate on your EKM online shop. [/intro]



Transfer or Point? Domain Basics

If you've not dealt with domains before, this simple Guide explains what you need to do to begin. 

What does Domain Parked mean?

If you see the Domain Parked page, it means there's an issue with your domain. This Guide takes you through the steps to troubleshoot the problem.

How to open an EKM Domains account

If you wish to transfer an existing domain name to EKM Domains, you will need to open an EKM Domains account.

Claiming your free EKM domain name

Every EKM online shop gets a free domain name. Click this Guide to find out how to claim yours. 

Pointing your external domain at your EKM online shop

If you've already bought a domain name elsewhere, this Guide explains how to point it at your EKM online shop correctly. 

Transferring your domain to EKM Domains

If you would like EKM Domains to host your domain and email addresses, this Guide will explain what you need to do to transfer over. 

Registering an additional domain in EKM Domains

If you'd like to purchase an additional domain name for your EKM online shop, this Guide explains how.


Purchasing an email address on EKM Domains

An email address which matches the domain name of your EKM online shop is essential for contacting customers when they have placed an order. 

Adding an Alias to your EKM email address

It's useful to set up aliases to help sort the emails coming in from your EKM online shop - this Guide explains how. 

Setting up EKM Email

If you want to receive your EKM emails on your devices, you'll need this Guide to get set up. 

How to reset your EKM Domains email password

If you've purchased an email address for your domain, these steps will show you how to reset your password. 

SSL Certificates

Adding an SSL Certificate to your EKM online shop

An SSL Certificate is essential and this lets your customer's browsers know that your EKM online shop is safe for them to visit. 

What SSL Certificates do EKM Domains offer?

If you want to upgrade from the standard SSL Certificate that you receive with your EKM online shop, this Guide will explain the various different versions you can upgrade to if you wish. 


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