[intro]Now you have created a shop with suitable Theme and strong Design Images, the next step is to plan out your navigation in the form of Categories and Webpages. [/intro]


A strong navigational structure will ensure a good customer experience, so you must correctly map out your Categories and Subcategories before you add any Products.

Adding Categories using the Shop Tab

In this Guide, you'll learn how to add Category Pages manually within the Shop tab.

Category Images

When you've created your Categories, the next step is to add identifying images to each.

Category Descriptions

Once you've added Category Images, Category Descriptions are your next step.

In Category Descriptions
Finally, you need to add In Category Descriptions to each of your Categories for both customers and search engines too.
How to add Categories & Subcategories to your EKM online shop
Before you begin, it's a good idea to organise your Navigational structure on paper beforehand so you know what Categories and Subcategories you need to create to best display your Products.
How to hide Categories

If you're still populating a Category, it can be useful to hide it until you've finished adding your Products.

Webpages for your EKM online shop

Webpages are essential for every shop - these Guides will show you what you need to create in accordance with the kind of Products that you sell.

How to order Products on a Category page

When you have added Products to the Category Page, depending on what they are, you may want to organise them into a specific order.

Category Management

When you have added Products, you can set them to display in more than one Category to increase exposure and encourage sales.

Featured Products

On some Themes, adding a single row of best-selling Products to encourage customers to click deeper into your shop is a good idea.

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