[intro]Sometimes it is necessary to display a Product on your EKM online shop that your customers cannot purchase yet. To do this, you would remove the Add to Cart button, which would allow for the Product to be displayed but would prevent customers from being able to purchase the item. Before you begin, you need to have created the Product on your EKM online shop.[/intro]

There are lots of reasons you might need to hide the Add to Cart button on a Product. These can include:

  • The Product may not be in stock yet, so displaying the Product early is a method of drumming up customer interest;
  • The Product is not a Product, but instead a service or similar which you wish to have listed alongside your existing Products in the same format;
  • The Product is POA (‘Price On Application’) so customers must contact you instead of adding the Product to their Cart in the usual way.

1. When you have created the Product on your EKM online shop, within the Edit Product window, you need to click the Attributes tab:

2. You then need to untick the Enable Add to Cart Button box, before clicking the Save & Close button:

3. This will remove the Add to Cart button from the Product Page.

[remember]You can also remove the Add to Cart button from existing Products using the Import/Export System feature. Simply amend the value in the ‘CanBeAddedToCart’ column from ‘TRUE’ to ‘FALSE’ to remove the Add to Cart Button from that particular Product. [/remember]



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