[intro]Before you begin this Guide, you need to have uploaded the Category Images you want to use onto the File Manager and installed the Import/Export System feature. Finally, you need to follow the steps in this Guide to export your Categories to a spreadsheet. [/intro]

Adding Images to each of your Categories is essential for optimal user experience, especially if you’re using a Theme that displays Categories.

[tips]It’s a good idea to keep your browser open on your File Manager open whilst you work on your spreadsheet, so you can quickly copy and paste file names quickly.[/tips]

1. When you have exported your Categories, you should have a spreadsheet which looks something like this:

2. The next step is to add the Edit command to the Action column. To do this, click the column header to highlight the entire column and then click the Find & Select icon on the top right-hand side:

3. Click Replace from the drop-down menu:

4. In the window that appears, add ‘Category’ into the Find What field, and then add ‘Edit Category’ in the Replace With field, before clicking Replace All:

5. This will add the Edit command into the Action column, so when your spreadsheet is uploaded onto your EKM online shop, the system will be aware that some of the information on the Categories has changed:

Adding your Images

6. In my example, the first Category on my spreadsheet - on row 2 - has already had a Category Image assigned to it, which I can then copy the format for with the rest of my Category Images:

7. You can easily copy over the image file path from your File Manager by right-clicking the name and selecting Copy from the drop-down menu:

8. When you have added an image for each of your Categories, you need to delete the ‘No Image Assigned’ command in the Image 1 column:

9. Now you have finished working on your spreadsheet, click the icon in the top left-hand corner to save it:

Your next step is to upload the spreadsheet onto your EKM online shop



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